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24.01.2002, 17:31
Long time no see you two... Keeping up with your amazing art work i see Dalla! I still cant get enough of it, still amazed that wonderful picture you did of storm! How have you both been? I had been forced to cut back on our internet connection awhile ago, it got just a bit to expensive, i had to find a new job (lost my old one... never ever work in food...heh), and since im the only one that uses the computer in my family its my responsability, as well as the fact that i just bought a car and had to pay for the insurence! But im back...things have...immensly changed i see... As long as my friends are still around...--Storm Image by FlamingText.com<i></i>

24.01.2002, 20:36
OCC: hello storm..hey long time no rp.....i've been here less days than you and i'm already at like 300 posts!the last time i talked to you was like in my old rp with Azima'Masi.....long time ago...~DiegoP.Swhat do you think about my artwork??<<<<I did that... blah it's ok... Image by FlamingText.com<i></i>

24.01.2002, 20:51
Stormy!!! *runs up and squeezes him* I missed you! Thank you....*blushes* I'm really happy that you like my art. I've been so busy lately though.....it's hard to get online. I'm glad you're back! We need to start a new RP! I'm working on one, actually. You're perfectly welcome to join....It's not started yet, though. Look into the post "attn all Leopards/Black Panthers" You'll find some vague information....I'm so happy you're back! *hugs* <i></i>

24.01.2002, 22:41
Diego: Hey diego. I only got in on one post with you and Azima i believe. You were pretty new back then. How'd it go by the way? Enjoying your time here? Mmm... Your artwork is very good. Keep it up.Dalla: *Squeezed... topples over...* I missed you too Dalla! Of course you are quite welcome, your art is absolutely amazing, but its nothing compared to you in person (Or through the computer, either way!)...! *Smiles, winks playfully.* ...and I am definitely anticipating the time when we can get another role play started, although i know the feeling of being so busy that you cant get online. Been that way for too long with me. *Hug* Its good to be back again! Image by FlamingText.com<i></i>

25.01.2002, 21:56
Ya...you did only post once in my story..and it really wasn't roleplaying..lolwell....I made Azzie run away....but she came back in another rp with another cheetah.. blah :B...i've got Do
o and she's all that matters to me now!hmm....can you see my picture?<<<<<? Image by FlamingText.com<i></i>