Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Oh no! friends I gotta go! see yas tomarrow!

Angel Jaguar12
03.02.2002, 00:55
My dumbass sister's bothering me.... gotta go. <i></i>

eclipso 1
03.02.2002, 00:57
Ok, bye bye. arugh my stupid profile picture isn't working that'll take me awhile to fix. <i></i>

03.02.2002, 00:58
Bye!! I hope to see you agin soon!! Best Friends Forever As a Cheetahess and jaguar team!!! <i></i>

Angel Jaguar12
03.02.2002, 21:00
I'm BAAAACK! <i></i>

03.02.2002, 21:02
u reply as angelwhitewolf12?......someone is looking for you <i></i>

Angel Jaguar12
03.02.2002, 21:12
I don't play Angelwhitewolf12.... I play Angel Jaguar. <i></i>