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03.02.2002, 20:54
***Pounce*** Happy Birthday Adam!!!!!! **Huggle** I have a present for you, you know! But you have to come home to get it... i aint shipping it down to miami, nope. Chrissy told me that you moved to this forum just the other day! How come you never told me about Sab'y, Red, and Storm, on WW? I still Rp Juniper(Sari) in NightFire, and Jade is still around too... but you havent been there! You have to come back you know. NightFire needs you, and WW needs is feline king! You were the first to
ing the idea to ww anyway. Chrissy told me EVERYTHING.... But i still have one very simple question... why didnt you tell me, instead of making me interigate her? Off topic: .......... Move back home............ Please, Adam....... Josh has an new apartment, its nearby to Chrissy and me......... Look im your friend, and so are Chrissy and your
other and we are not going to sit back and watch you living this way because of your parent's divorce. Just because josh is in college doesnt mean you two cant share an apartment, and you will be going away next year. Your 18 and legally able to leave home. Josh already invited you to come back, i know he did, he told me. Sign on AIM, i really need to talk to you about this, its important, and im not going to mention anything else here...just SIGN ON! Kay? Teehee, not the happiest B-day message i know, but i really need to talk to you about home...anyway just think, the super-bowl is on your birthday this year lol! Oh yeah and chrissy wants you to call her later! If you want to get ahold of her online, she is on now at the L-Puzzle Forum. See ya!Your Friend, Sam <i></i>

03.02.2002, 22:15
Yeah thanks Sam . You know I expected that you would have figured it out sooner. Guess i was wrong eh? What exactly did Chriss tell you? If she said anything about Josh rping Red Wolf well he did in the begining. I took over. I cant explain why i left WW, Chrissy and I, both of us figured we werent really needed there anymore. My characters were never active there. I was always working and never online. I am more now but NightFire is dead. It died last April-May after the squabble with the evil winders. That was when i left. You and Jade were the only active members. As you can see i never had much of an interest in wolf role playing. That was why i
ought my other Leopard Character to WW in the first place. Right now i dont plan to go back. I have only one character here and I am able to play with other feline fanatics such as myself. Here i am content. You of all people, i never expected to role play a knock off tlk character, ever. But you did. If you can convince me as to any reason why i should return, i will. As for my moving home? Ill talk to you later. Your not online as it is and the games on. Kick offs at 6:31 and im NOT going to miss it. If you would rather give me a buzz over the phone go ahead. But ill be on later during half time. Thanks again for the birthday wish. Havent gotten many. Ill call chrissy up now. Image by FlamingText.com<i></i>

03.02.2002, 22:18
I dont think you know my new aim sign on, it is Illusions Saber. I deleted my Aero sn. You know my e-mail. Its the same as always. Image by FlamingText.com<i></i>