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15.02.2002, 21:37
HEY GUESS WHO????? IT'S UR COUSIN!!!! Dee(Tia) Made me an account!!!!!!!!!!! <i></i>

17.02.2002, 20:36
)OCC:don't use real names...some peeps don't like that...*ah-hem*Azima might not come on often any more!!...she said last time i went ova...hey Jinga..check out my piccy's at planetlionking.com under DIEGO NIGHTWATCHERk?~DIEGO!!!!!!$$$'BLING, BLING'$$$ <i></i>

19.02.2002, 21:27
You did it to me and I didn't like it in 'Searching for her mate...so ehem ur self!! Sorry! <i></i>