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Spirit of Grey Wolf
04.03.2002, 05:36
I have no special intro, but my site is worth the bother of taking your time and clicking on the link ^_^<i>Venture into the unknown...</i><b>CLICK BELOW!</b> <i>United We Stand</i> |Smoke Rise|<i></i>

Spirit of Grey Wolf
04.03.2002, 05:38
Did I mention that there it two packs to choose from with plenty of open spots?Very Organized!!! <i>United We Stand</i> |Smoke Rise|<i></i>

Silent Twilight
04.03.2002, 21:19
Tell me more and I <i> might </i> be interested. Aiesi. Kumnandi, kwelakakith Eafrica. Zobona bayabaleka fatshe leso lea. Giza buyabo, beso bo.<i></i>

09.03.2002, 18:11
what positions are open?*Smiles* <i></i>

12.03.2002, 03:45
lets see...It has its own site, Here's the ranks:Golden SunAlphasfullBetasmale open(ask female)DeltaopenZetas male open(ask female)GammasopenAdvisoropenHunteropenPuppysitter openSubordinatesopenOmegaopenPupsAlphasopenBetasop enDeltaopenZetasopenSubordinatesopenSilver MoonAlphasfullBetasopenDeltafullZetasopenGammasfem ale spot open(ask male)AdvisoropenHunteropenPuppysitteropenSubordina tesopenOmegaopen PupsAlphasopenBetasopenDeltaopenZetasopenSubordina tesopen |Smoke Rise||Silent Flame| Teufel <i></i>

Angel Jaguar12
12.03.2002, 04:21
My character is new to the style, she's not going to get along very well. <b>"Though I am only a wanderer, my soul shall exist as if I had always lived my life in your arms." </b> <i>-Angel </i><i></i>

12.03.2002, 11:58
Not neccesarly |Smoke Rise||Silent Flame| Teufel <i></i>