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Ahava Jaguar
17.03.2002, 20:22
OOC: Ok people this is the story plot that will be very twisted. Oh yeah and no cursen okies, I would want this to be for everyone to read, I didn't get everyone on my list so if anyone would like to join then be my guest but do E-mail me! and I will give you your character.E-mail is.creampuff@most-wanted.comThank you for your time, may the role play begin.BIC:The lone wild in the Savannah has been turned upside down ever sense the battle between the ferice felines, everytime 50 years pass a battle arrives of the century to prove whom is the domain feline. Now this era begins once more, and surely this will be the last time. Peace has
oken between current feline friends they turn on eachother as each 50 years pass many die because the battle rages on for weeks.Every Leader would step up to battle to take back whats theres and even die for there clan.....now 50 years has past...and today is a new dawn of a century...for bloodshed to be poored. Lions,Tigers,Cougers gather to vs against Jaguars,Leopards,Cheetahs,Panthers just for this one peice of landscape that nearly covered half of the Savannah. The Lions,Tigers,Cougers regain there balance sense the last battle they lost but now sense they got a new leader...a new group this time they will not fail and now the Jaguars,Leopards,Cheetahs,Panthers has a new leader and a new group as well.(Day 1, The Begining Of A New Era)Ahava the beautiful Jaguar sets near a waterhole it was most odd for a Jaguar to be out in the Savannah they mostly dont live in these parts...but this one Jaguar did live in these parts ever sense her excile.Her name is Ahava it stands for beautiful and love in another type of speech her pelt shimmers. Gentle licks her front paw and was prepared to tell the group about the 50 year pass it was time to gather a few diffrent types of species to battle the Lions and Tigers,Cougers it appeared that they were going to make a attack on one certain area which was perfect for a ambush for the Jaguars,Leopards,Panthers,Cheetahs.Quietly plays stealth and leaps onto the harden rock qurks
ows, new that a few choosen felines would know of this day and would stumble upon the ploted landscape. The grass was deadish and yet goldish looking it was a perfect land for every feline.Ears flench at the sound of loud roars that echoed throughout the Savannah only clenched the hard rock with her thicken sharp razored tallon claws and growled slightly. <i></i>