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18.03.2002, 01:01
In a secret valley there lies a land where Dragons fill the skies and unicorns run about in the meadows. Dare venture into the land of Draconigena? |Smoke Rise| |Draconigena|† Teufel †<b>Quotes from <u>The Time Machine</u></b>"Well Philby, it looks like we have gone too far..." "I want my students to run down the street and knock off every bowler they see..."<i>Dr. Alexander Hartdegen</i>"Live long and prospher""One can not change the past because one can not go into the past...""Do you know what its like to remember everything? I remember the little girl that asked me about dinosaurs 800,000 years ago, the last book I recomended, and yes, I even remember you..."<i>Vox</i>"Why would you want to change the past? You lost someone didn't you, someone you loved very much..."<i>Mara</i><b>Movie Trailer The Offical Time Machine Website </b><i></i>