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eclipso 1
10.03.2002, 23:02
*paws in* Ok, This is for Prideless (or packless) creatures AND creatures who have prides and packs. I am in the middle of creating a openbb board. I need wolves and felines.It will have a sort of a survivor role playing section. Its really confusing and hard to explain. take wolves for example: It starts with two wolf packs. They each have their own private territory which includes their den and pups. They also share neutal territory. The object it to get rid of the other pack. This can be done by many ways. The winning pack gets to stay, the other pack leaves. A new pack takes the place of the eliminated one and it starts again.There will be 2 wolf packs and 2 lion\feline prides.I just want to know ahead of time, who is interested?You can join up single or get your whole pride\pack to join.Are you guys still with me? I think I repeated myself one to many times. <i></i>

Angel Jaguar12
10.03.2002, 23:13
**hugs** I AM!! <i></i>

Azzina pup
10.03.2002, 23:20
I'll do it! <i></i>

Angel Jaguar12
10.03.2002, 23:41
Shouldn't the topic be 'canines and felines?' would attract more people, i'm sure. <i></i>

eclipso 1
11.03.2002, 12:11
oops, yeah it should be Canines and Felines. <i></i>

11.03.2002, 17:25
ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I HAVE to be with Angel though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <i></i>

eclipso 1
11.03.2002, 19:59
hehehe k <i></i>

11.03.2002, 22:54
YAY!!!!!!!!!!! <i></i>

Angel Jaguar12
12.03.2002, 00:43
I'M DOING WHATEVER THE REST OF THE KILA-VYUMBE CLAN IS! AND WHERE ARE ALL THE OTHERS AT? THEY HAVEN'T COME TO ANY POSTS YET. . . . . . <b>"Though I am only a wanderer, my soul shall exist as if I had always lived my life in your arms." </b> <i>-Angel </i><i></i>

12.03.2002, 02:17
Me you and Eclipso have... Who else was on it? <i></i>

Angel Jaguar12
12.03.2002, 03:01
Whoever was on the first thread. <b>"Though I am only a wanderer, my soul shall exist as if I had always lived my life in your arms." </b> <i>-Angel </i><i></i>

eclipso 1
12.03.2002, 12:01
maybe the other members are role playing addicted lol. <i></i>

Bliss Da Lioness
12.03.2002, 16:20
oops I meant *Arn't Role Play addictedAnyway, I cleared my whole forum ugh, so thats why it is so empty. But hey I only have about 40 posts all together anyway. ;) ****EDIT I moved the forum to the openbb board :)Yeah I am starting the Canine one first. If anyone is interested in that one go here :http://members.lycos.co.uk/furpawz/openbb/