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Fluer de La Tinikea
29.04.2002, 15:59
hey everyone, droe, tan, and misha, and anyone else i happen to be rping with, i am being swamped with projects from school, i dont have any time for rp at the moment. im using the computer for educational purposes now, and i wont be back online for rping for a while. ill try to stay with as bsesst i can at school. but im not allowed to at home right now. so if everyone could just slow down the rps im in right now that would be sooooooo great. ill check in as much as possible, but that wont be too often. dalla. my
o(nimitz) cant get on teh comp cause im using it all the time at home now, so i try to let him on every how and then lol, slow down the rps and i luv ya all, ill miss yoube back in possibly a month full time againnova, inque, fluer, sybus, my
o, lol, migginnus, all these guys are mine cept for nimitz, but they all will be gone for a while, cya! <i>Fluer "Many believe when all is lost, that those days of happiness and joy are gone, I believe a new life begins and those days of happiness and joy are just starting again..."<i></i>