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The Lone Nomad
30.04.2002, 01:47
If you really like to roleplay TLK, this is the place for you! A perfect place to RP your beloved characters! You get your own specific character site where you get to show your character's picture, describe their personality and history. There is a place to RP on the Pridelands and be personally introduced by Simba and the Outlands where ANYTHING can happen! There's OOC places for disscusion and testing your avaters, icons, etc...And more places are being added! The owner of this site is a very sweet, patient and talented person and has worked very hard to acheive his goal, and he has! It's a wonderful TLK RP site! All we need now are more RPers! So please come and join the fun!!! ^_~Here's the link! Come visit!~~~> tlknewgeneration.homestead.com/ <i></i>