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12.04.2002, 01:28
A character geneological index has been started. I have perhaps a years so or just under of information now listed.There is still alot to do. If anyone is willing to offer any of their own chars mate/cub history I'll gladly add it.I will do all the work, but would greatly appreciate anyone who'd like to contribute to this endeavor to preserve our legacy.The Character Geneological Index can be found at the following site:promontorypoint.cjb.netAgain, I already have several hundred names in the char registry (which will soon be updated) which is being provided courtesy of the Mizaati Mara Pride at either mmpl.go.to or mizaatimara.8m.comThanks again! <i>Edited by: simbaji at: 5/1/02 4:24:38 pm</i>

Thandi Zakiya
01.05.2002, 17:04
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! SIMBA! *pounces on him*How you been?I'd LOVE to be back into the Mizaati Mara and roleplay again (although I can't go into chats).EDIT: I just posted in the After Dark II section of your EZBoard. I'd like to meet all of the newer members.Um, I'd like to email you so we can talk...but my hotmail is blocked. (Juno isn't if you have my Juno address)Peace,TZ Thandi Zakiya's Artwork"I'm still searching to find a deeper meaning, in this world, in the land, in myself." -- Lebo M<i>Edited by: Thandi Zakiya&nbsp; at: 5/1/02 5:51:32 pm</i>

02.05.2002, 02:24
(smiles) Thandi!... ack! hehe (pounced and looks up)how are you??it's wonderful to hear from you again i saw your post in the Mizaati Mara and i'll be there shortly did you see the index? (smiles big) i did it.. i saved something!glad to have you back!! and DEFINATELY we'll get things going in After Dark II, etc.!see ya soon!!ooc: please anyone else feel free to email or add to the index! <i></i>