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The Lone Nomad
05.05.2002, 05:08
Hey Everybody! Ready for a BRAND NEW TLK MESSAGEBOARD??!! Well this one is a doozy! Especially for all you Kovu fans! The board is called COOL KOVU! and the adjecive discribes it very well cuz it's cool! ^_^ All we need are some new posters and RPers! The owner is a great, funny, and wonderful guy ad I'm POSITIVE you will enjoy your say! Give it a whirl and come visit!Here's da link! Thank you for coming! pub96.ezboard.com/bcoolkovu <i></i>

Cool Kovu
12.05.2002, 18:14
Thanx for advertising my site LN, i still need a lot of more members though. i only have 17. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is me Done by Nouchy, it is good, isn't it. Thanx Nouchyit is Gokam from my rping, done by Lone Nomad<i></i>