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31.05.2002, 12:54
hey everybody this was the idea of jedigirl612 and myself. so lets get started shall we? I am a siamese cat that has pale cream fur and balack ears. at the end of my tail i have black my father was a b+w short tail so thats why there are patches of black on me. and my name is sammy there is only so much you can do before you die so enjoy life!<i></i>

31.05.2002, 21:17
It's me! lol1 anyway i'ma smaller maine coon cat and i look like my pic < but if you want a better veiw www.mainecooncat.com/gabbie5.jpgoh and my name is chealsea May The Force Be With You<i>Edited by: JediGirl612 at: 6/1/02 9:21:16 pm</i>