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Kenika 000
21.08.2002, 01:30
Iím only looking for experienced wolf role-players please. More than one sentence to a post and definitely check your spelling and grammar. Thank you :)Life. It was bound to be the simplest term in the bewitched Earth that most creatures hailed from. To be alive was to hear a pulse steadily raging though your earthbound body. To be alive was to pass oxygen freely though your earthbound lungs. To be alive... is it really taken for granted? The question was almost immediate, as the wolfess stood softly with a faint sigh that escaped her maw. No. Your soul was taken for granted, not life. Your soul held your eternal senses, your reaction to feel, to have emotion, everything that you need to...live? Oddly enough, it seemed to sum up to that peculiar finale of that simple, yet powerful word...live... Gradually the lupe stirred, her senses cresending to a forte of acuteness. Oculars adjusting rapidly to the beams of light. Pinprick muscles adjusting to the silence that seemed to drape itself heavily against her whitish stereos. Tongue flashing out to taste the stillness of scents picked up by the sensitive ebon nose. Feeling nothing but the isolated feel of day's tension, the canid rose her head slyly to get adjusted to objects surrounding her. Cautiously creeping upward till her front paws met ground and she found herself relaxed in a sitting position, the femme observed the surroundings in the grassy vicinity. The word 'newcomers' dampened any spirit that Kenika held within herself like a wet washcloth. She couldn't say that she hated newcomers, but there was just something about them that didn't settle with her. She could remember when she was an omega in her old pack, how she hated her border-duties, inflicting wounds upon their bodies if they were so moronic enough to
ing insubordination in their appearance. The dusty lupe did find excessive amounts of members quite disgraceful and just plain disgusting, yet she hoped that she would not be too quick to judge. Snarling at herself once again, Kenika snapped from her thoughts about her ancient pack hierarchy. Right now was to clear her thoughts and enlist new wolves. Her old home had been smothered by a river of fire, left in a pile of ash and black trees. Most of the pack had been missing for days, weeks even. The thought of dealing with supercilious or condescending wolves left a sour taste in her mouth. She sat and lingered, awaiting the arrival of others, after she finished emitting a strident howl. <i>Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday</i><i>Edited by: Kenika 000 at: 8/24/02 2:16:45 am</i>

21.08.2002, 19:01
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