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Develon Valesti
20.01.2003, 10:51
A new Lion king RPG, Come and join... develon.tkCome oNnnn <i></i>

20.01.2003, 10:52
wow, that looks promosing, im joining...what races are there? <i></i>

Develon Valesti
20.01.2003, 10:54
u responded fast..god Um, Lions, (Outsiders / Pridelandes /Your pride here..ers) Antilope Meercat Warthog Rhino, Giraph anything...?with 3 areas to explore so far and more on there way. Role play anywhere in the savanahh <i></i>

20.01.2003, 10:55
Im joining as a hyena...is that ok? <i></i>

Develon Valesti
20.01.2003, 10:56
yeah thats fine...develon.tk <i></i>

21.02.2003, 05:25
Hm, attempted to go to the page and received a 'not found' error. guessing it was moved? <i></i>