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23.08.2003, 07:27
i am a young lion with dingy fur dark black circles around my eyes and a messy tuft of fur atop my head which trails down my spine ( a mane in progress)i think that having someone to create a char that they can use to be my
other or sister or mother would be funyou can be younger or older then memy char is named panya and he is a bit on the dorky sidehes not very
ave but loves to have funat some points he can be evil but usally is easly beatenid appreciate yer input or cooperation so if you think this might be fun tell me yer chars name their personallity and what they look likeand if their older or younger then methank you <i></i>

07.09.2003, 20:26
I would love to have another sibling! Kyra doesn't have any cubs yet, but your attitude reminds me of ColdFang, Kyra's
other! http://www.geocities.com/lioness2383/ <i>Edited by: Kyratwl at: 9/18/03 4:23 pm</i>

11.09.2003, 13:34
ok great!!!!!!!!!!!1 thank you thank you <i></i>

11.09.2003, 14:24
hey kyra im gonna start a roleplay with you as my sister okit will be called kyra, KIIIIIIIIIIIRAAAAAAAAAA <i></i>

11.09.2003, 20:37
i guess yer mom's my mom nowif you want to draw a picture of me i'll describe myself.i have
own eyesi have dark circles around my eyesmy fur is sandy
owna have a black tuft of hair on my head which trails shortly down my spineand i hope i can role play with the other members tooim gonna read yer website until i get all the relations rightthank you thank youyour
o, your pal, panya <i></i>

17.09.2003, 18:32
Hope you wont have a problem with em! Yuugi is Kyra's adoptive mother, ColdFang is her
other..they have the same dad..but not mom..Zilch, Bary, and Nanuk are no longer livingRoscoe is a guard..w/4 cubs (Baby, Spot, Drostan, and Ziggy-their mom is eating the bag of food..lol) Bad Hoggy!Mohave is a little hyena...the babies' mom in rl...Buddy is a huge lion..just a very good friend of Kyra'sBristow is Kyra's mate..Hope I didnt miss any...*lays down to rest, waiting for her
others to show up! Ill tell Cold about this forum!www.geocities.com/lioness2383/ <i></i>

20.09.2003, 21:49
when i first started roleplaying with you i had some things wrong1:i thought i was older then you but i am not so ne thing i might have said that might indicate i was older forget it2: i thought yuugi was my a lioness but shes not.3:when are the others going to roleplay i want to talk to them too.hugs kyratwl and goes back to whatever he was doing <i></i>

21.09.2003, 01:47
I have never roleplayed as any of my other characters, except for Buddy and Mohave, besides Kyra...All of my characters are based on real people, animals, things, etc...some of em r a long story!I have been trying to add them all in, to play too..Did you see the pic I drew for u? It's on my website.www.geocities.com/lioness2383/I don't remember for sure where it is, but I'm sure ull find it! *smilesHope I got it right or whatnot..Yuugi is a person I know ..online..that is like a mother to me..I call her mother and I asked her one day what type of animal she wanted to be..she said she likes Monkeys..so I said pic one! She chose the snow monkey so I looked at a pic and drew one. She's so fun/easy to draw!I don't usually roleplay as Bristow either cause he's a character I created for my boyfriend! (*laughs he doenst know it tho!)Well, I g/g...*hugs him back <i></i>

21.09.2003, 02:52
i love the picture you got me down to a pinprickim sorry i have been posting so much ive never been in a pride before i feel so yaddy yaddy <i></i>