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18.09.2003, 16:25
Okay, for some reason some of the pictures will work, but some wont! If you click show picture it will most of the time tho!*lays down by the waterhole, waiting for someone to show up..she is watching the small ripples from the fish swimming around in the water. She sighs as she stretches and relaxes, sunning herself in the warm sun. <i>Edited by: Kyratwl at: 9/18/03 4:30 pm</i>

19.09.2003, 03:01
hiya ky it's me Chanel <i></i>

19.09.2003, 03:03
*jumps at her friend..I see that! <i></i>

19.09.2003, 03:06
AYE!*bites Chanel's ear and snarls playfully at her, clawing her back, just wanting to play w/the poor little cheetah(I said but it didnt post....I tried to get Mike to play on here lastnight but he wouldnt ! he said its too slow! its not really that slow tho!) <i></i>

20.09.2003, 23:03
panya stalks through the grasses and finds kyratwl playing with her friend"hmmmmmmmm...............panya tries to remain quite but sneezes <i></i>

21.09.2003, 03:05
blah why wont this work???I hate when ure trying to get somethign to work that wont...aye! lol http://www.geocities.com/lioness2383/<i>Edited by: Kyratwl&nbsp; at: 9/21/03 3:08 am</i>

21.09.2003, 04:50
panya catches a mouse and prepares to eat it <i></i>