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24.09.2003, 14:25
The time is NOW.'time for what' you may ask WELL ILL TELL YOUFor too long have i been mocked and hated by the pridelanders so i was banished with scars followers and then scar forms his pride and what happens IM DEEMED UN WORTHY!!!!Not any more. im a
itish style young lion so i'll let him keep his dignity but now all of the evil lions lionesses hyenas cheetahs leoprads cougars any thing must joinwe need strong hunters strong fighters strong intelect and strong willpleese replyPS KYRA IM STILL IN YOUR PRIDE IM JUST HAVIN MY REVENGE ON ALL THE DO GOODIES HEHE <i></i>

24.09.2003, 14:54
(Okay..I'm off all day today..so Ill work on that pic..the papers..can wait! lolI have to meet my mom for lunch and pick my
o up..but other than that..nothing else..aye! I hate boring days but I hate ones that are rushed even more!)*Kyra looks at Panya..Thanks
o! she smiles and nuzzles him, purring..Im sure the pridelands may need some more guards later on, or more protectors I suppose.. Buddy is a good body guard and they usually make sure that noone comes in, but it's happened a few times where someone has came in, but they've always chased em off!(thats not fair..u were on, but it mustof been over like 14 min ago or so..lol but anyhow..)*smiles again at her
other, closng her eyes cause of the sun, it's too
ight..Did I tell you what Mother said? she asks as she kinda grins..she said you have a GREAT imagination (honestly she did).*hits him w/her paw and smiles you'll be a great hunter, or whatever you want to be! http://www.geocities.com/lioness2383/<i></i>

24.09.2003, 16:29
awwww thanx we do keep losing each other have a good day and thanx <i></i>