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24.09.2003, 15:46
Hey ure on when I am! wahoo!!!

24.09.2003, 17:46
tell me when the adult pic of me is doneHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

It's not murder if you let them die with dignity ---------- Panya

24.09.2003, 20:34
okay..ive got it done, but its not scanned yet..lol..in the background.
i have NO idea what i was doing but i just kinda drew something and colored it so it looks kinda goofy..
anyhow..ill have it up in about 10-15 min..
from now...its like 3:38pm here so about 345 i should have it scanned *smilesitll be on ur page then

25.09.2003, 18:56
hmmmm alot less mane..............i gotta way to much mane goin on therebut other then that i like it

26.09.2003, 02:47
o oops..I need to redo it anyhow..lolhis nose..omgosh it looks horrible!ill redo it sometime..I have so much to do tomorrow and I need to get a new part for my car so my headlight will stop falling out on me..lol..I may get to it tomorrow, not sure yet..well, i g/g..ttyl

26.09.2003, 18:56
yeah the nose is bad.................i need to be thinner too.........much thinner................i like the black circles around my eyes though

27.09.2003, 02:29
*laughs..I know I totally need to redo that....i killed my hand on the door at work tonight so I'm not sure how long it will be before I can actually draw! It hurt like crazy when I was coloring a pic tonight (*works in a daycare center) lolI'll try to get it done A.S.A.P. Panya..O...and I talked to Cold tonight! He's trying to get on here sometime! *smilesWell, I g/g but Ill ttyl,
*hugs Pan..

27.09.2003, 11:43
im sorry to hear ya hurt yer hand. i hope you get better.

27.09.2003, 20:42
i started on the pic lastnight...but i cant finish it right now..ill try to as soon as i can tho..thanks, it feels better, but i still had to have ice on it today. hey..at least i can type somewhat..Cold thought that was funny lastnight..lol(Him, Yuugi, and Bristow are all real people..but Yuugi doenst come on here and neither does Bristow)well, i g/g finish my guinea pigs' cages..im cleaning em..lolTtyl, Ky

28.09.2003, 02:29
Okay Pan..I forced myself to finish this pic lastnight i guess..I just didn't remember! I had so much stuff I put over the top of it and I just found it..It's on ur page..but I don't know if I got it right, or closer this time. I'm trying! I like it anyhow! Hope you do too! *lays down and stretches, purring bored out of her mind!

28.09.2003, 12:08
thanx for the pic not the closest but the closest we are gonna get

28.09.2003, 12:13
ive drawn a picture of myself so i guess ill describe my adult selfmy head and body is like ziras from simbas pride: im thin and scary lookingi still have my litlle hair thing on my head but down my is VERY VERY VERY VERY LITTLE black manevery very very littleit dosent poof out it goes tightly down my neckthis must be getting tiring for you..................

28.09.2003, 14:55
*smiles and laughs..its not tiring..Ill get it right eventually....3rd times a charm maybe???? lolIll try again..I can draw Zira w/no probelms at all ..but thats just her face..Ill try and go from that and his mane kinda like Nuka's? Hardly anything there??

28.09.2003, 14:56
do you have a scanner or a digital cam? something to put the pic on ur comp? Id like to see it! Just to make sure Im doing this last one right..lolIll just draw it.and hope its right..

30.09.2003, 18:57
no scanner and no dig camNUKAS MANE THATS IT NUKAS MANE WOULD BE PERFECTgice the zira head my hair thing and eyes too

30.09.2003, 19:12
im still trying on this pic..my hand is much better now, but its still for some reason I cant draw

30.09.2003, 22:52
strange............i hope you get past it.......why not take a restabout nukas mane leave out his baerdy things on the side of his face....ewwwwwwwwwww

01.10.2003, 03:15
LOL...those beardy things...yea i agree..lolwell, i g/g for now...but it always kinda seems I come on just as u have already left. well, hope i catch ya sometime maybe tomorrow...ttyl Ky

01.10.2003, 11:53
that does always seem to be the case

01.10.2003, 20:13
just as it prolly is now too...lol

03.10.2003, 00:34
sorry i havent posted in a whileonce you get the pic of me up i might start roleplaying as an adultim gonna start a topic that we can role play in so we wont have to make so many new topic post thingys hope some time we can be online at the same time!