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06.10.2003, 02:57
You need a guestbook or something for ur site...is it new?
I just saw it...I love the pic on the front page!

06.10.2003, 03:08
(smiles) thanks (kinda gets embaressed)
and no, it's not new, just needs to be updated a little.
i'll have to check and see about the guestbook thing though,
hadn't thought of it before. btw, i couldn't get your page to load

06.10.2003, 03:09
thats prolly cause Im working on editing it real quick..im done now..if u wanna try again..let me know if it works this time

06.10.2003, 03:11
it didnt find the server for me either but I tried it again and it works now...wonder what was wrong w/it..sry about that..

06.10.2003, 03:17
the page is loading now, but not the pics. (blinks) you have a pride?

06.10.2003, 03:19
*smiles and stands up...yep! this stupid thing didnt tell me u responded..
u must have just as i clicked it or something...
its doing the same thing to me...
my other geocities site is doing the same thing so I bet its the whole thing...
u wanna rp?
I noticed u like to..so do I!
and noones on right now

06.10.2003, 03:22
My stupid computer! I hate it sometimes....
Im watching The Two Towers but Im still bored out of my mind!
I've seen it before..w/my bf..but I bought it the other night for like $6!

06.10.2003, 03:23
sure, but you'll have to give me a sec. it's along way's from where i'm supposed to be now (grins) <i></i>

06.10.2003, 03:25
*just pretends she knows what he meant by that and laughs....how do I get my pic to work like urs? I have tried several times and it wont work! *cries....somehow I managed to get my URL to work! But the pic wouldn't work!

06.10.2003, 03:28
let me get here first and then i'll come back here and see what i can do

06.10.2003, 03:29
Im lost...but ok..just hollar when ure ready..ill wait..I dont really like this part much of the movie..but ill watch it..lol