Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : PANYA!!!! u still here?

24.10.2003, 19:18
Unfortunately I g/g to work But Hopefully you'll be on later..
did you ever get MSN yet?

25.10.2003, 02:59
ure back wahoo!

27.10.2003, 22:56
Hey, Pan..do Kyra and Panya have the same mom or dad?
ColdFang and Kyra have the same dad..and I'm not sure what he looks like, but I just drew a pic of Kyra's mom..or could be her mom...She looks kinda like Zira..she's an outsider lioness, thats how the cubs have their "outsider" sides of them.
Let me know which you want..and I'll give you the pic of their mom, if you want it..it's not that good tho! lol...I'm doing another pic of the 3 cubs too...but I think I'll make em all young cubs, whereas the last one was older! *smiles...Well, I'll ttyl bud!
*hugs her o..and gives him a big wet slobbery kiss on his face..and laughs running away from him!

04.11.2003, 20:37
sry i havent posted in a while i got caught up in somthing else, i found a cool board ya know the one shani made, well ill look at the pic and tell ya what i thinkHuGS KYRA

04.11.2003, 20:38
*sighs..I thought u were mad at me or something !
*smiles and hugs back