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05.11.2003, 00:16
Kyra i've heared alot about "kyras story" will it explain the origins of the pride, and iff so could i help write it? <i></i>

05.11.2003, 02:31
sure..I've not actually wrote much..just some of what happened to Kyra when she was younger and whatnot..but nothing really major..but sure you can help write it ...wow..the site works now...check out my site..I added a couple of pics of Panya..I like the one w/him, Mohave, ColdFang, and Chanel.. http://www.geocities.com/lioness2383/<i></i>

05.11.2003, 02:37
i saw them, i really like the group picture too, mohave looks cool <i></i>

06.11.2003, 01:57
thanks! I like the way Panya looks in that pic..of her and Chanel with ColdFang tooand i feel like i already told u that..but its been a long day! lol..don't mind me!*Hugs Panya tightly and purrs http://www.geocities.com/lioness2383/<i></i>