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This is Simba
27.01.2002, 04:12
I just got back from seeing Black Hawk Down. It's a pretty good film to say the least. It's not Pearl Harbor by any stretch, but it does show you what happened to our service men, during those wars we hear about in everyday news. We hear them on the news almost nightly, but we're never really on the battlefield like these guys are. The story is about 100 of our armed forces in Somalia who get stranded when their convoy and black birds get blown out of the sky by the people living in the city. In this film children carry guns and in one scene a kid actually shoots his own dad by mistake when trying to kill one of our guys. Some of the scenes in this film make you think about how our lives are different from those who live in the middle east where most of the wars take place. The actual events took place in 1993, during Clinton's Presidency. If your looking to go see a film this weekend, go see Black Hawk Down. I can tell you now this one is even better than Pearl Harbor, there is no stupid love triangle, it's all about action and trying desperately to survive in against all odds. It's pretty amazing that only 19 of ours died while 1000 of the enemy perished through the guts and courage of our guys. <i></i>

27.01.2002, 14:24
I didn't like the film at all; the begining is good, but the middle and end is just much the same and it gets boring. [ d i g i t a l *d e b r i s ] <i></i>

27.01.2002, 17:41
Yeah, I was interested by the story when I heard about it - while most of my friends were interested by all the prettyboys in it. So even though I don't have much of a stomach for intense violence, realistic or gratuitous, I went to see the film on opening day with my friends.It was a real boys movie - I'll give you that. Lots of action and courage under fire and whatnot. I liked that it wasn't very patriotic - it wanted to tell a story of modern war rather than tell us how great Americans are. I got very frustrated at the way Somalia's political system was run, though - warlords using hunger and fear and terror to stay on top, so all aid sent by the UN to that area was immediately seized by the warlords and not distributed to the people that needed it most. *snort* It was also very frustrating to see that UN armed forces could do almost nothing to prevent it, either. Gahh!!Anyway, yes, good movie. I'll prolly watch it again on dvd, 'cause then the screen's smaller and I can handle it - and I'll know what's coming. Some parts <i> were</i> nasty, yes, but I got through it. Yay. <i></i>

Nukta Kupaya
28.01.2002, 04:44
Looks interesting, I'll be sure to see it sometime. I like movies where there's just action. Romance parts, to me, detract from the overall film.-Nukta <i><b>Life in the Savannah Muck! - Where YouCan Play TLK! Host: squeeky.cytag.nl Port: 11000</b></i>Send the Meat- er, Mail... Here ICQ #85191520<i></i>

29.01.2002, 18:35
o I didn't like it at all. I had my eyes closed for half the movie. I dunno I'm a really emotional person and I kept tearing up. Wasn't my kind of movie too much gore. <i>Edited by: Kifani&nbsp; at: 1/29/02 6:36:39 pm</i>

Larani the lioness
30.01.2002, 16:11
eek! I even winced at Pearl Har
scenes, so...I probably won't like this one...Pearl Harborwas good, though. Sad, but cool. BTW what guy played the part of Danny?j/ajust asking ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*"Never frown, cuz someone just might be in luv with your smile.""To the world. you may be just one person, but to just one person, you may be the world.""The sky only reveals her true colors to those who are willing to climb the mountain."<i></i>