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26.03.2002, 04:39
Hi Whippet I've recived a art-trade/request thingie in my E-mail. I've just checked it tonight >_< And when I clicked it fanart.lionking.org was down.I haven't checked my E-mail in a extra long time.So I cant accept it or see it.?.Meeeerf.Just wanted to let ya know that I didn't forget ya.Kinda been busy lately and alot has changed lately so I've gone under a new nickname (Apleava) so ummm I might change it in fanart.lionking.org archive as well.Cya later Whippet Angel.~Ty~ <i></i>

Whippet Angel
26.03.2002, 05:21
Heheh, it was a surprise pic ^_^If you wanna see it, it's at:http://www.angelfire.com/pokemon2/cheshirecat/tylona2.jpgSorry 'bout you having to cut&paste the link. Angelfire is annoying... -_- *is looking for a new site host* <i>Edited by: Whippet Angel 2 at: 3/26/02 6:22:32 am</i>

26.03.2002, 05:36
A suprise picture for me? ^_^Thanks Whippy!~huggles Whippet Angel~Your art is just perfect!"Mew"It's the top of the line!Thanks again Whippy!.Gnaaah you might be suprised what comes in your E-mail inbox I've never been suprised before! ~hugs picture and clings to it.~ <i></i>

Whippet Angel
26.03.2002, 05:56
Thanx ^_^ Glad ya like I tried something different this time. The sky was actually the hardest part, since I had to do it manually (isn't fortunate enough to own one of those fancy schmancy adobe programs ). <i></i>

29.03.2002, 17:05
Yea I know what your saying.You did it all manually?Dang I cant do stuff manually.Congrats Whippy!your the first I know who has done manually.^.^ <i></i>