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Nukta Kupaya
06.05.2002, 20:50
Most, if not all, of the TLK boards are showing signs of being close to their demise. Attendance is drastically down, threads are pointless, discussion is off-topic (such as this post), and all in all... disheartening. So many boards have the same problems as the Savannah does...-Nukta <i><b>Life in the Savannah Muck! - Where YouCan Play TLK! Host: squeeky.cytag.nl Port: 11000</b></i>Send the Meat- er, Mail... Here ICQ #85191520<i></i>

06.05.2002, 21:04
i hope it doesnt get so bad that we end up having to leave. I love this place. <i></i>

06.05.2002, 21:23
Eh, so what? There's nothing new to fuel the TLK fandom flames as of now. All subjects that could possibly be related to TLK have been discussed and picked apart. Fanfic and fanart ideas have been exausted. TLK fans are a dying
eed, simply because we have no new resources to attach our bloodthirsty little fangs to and suck dry. What keeps other well-known cult followings alive? Star Wars had endless lines of merchandise and published fiction to keep it going for the 15+ years of film dormancy, then the
ight horizon of three new episodes fired it up again. Tolkien fans have had their books for 50 years, and that was enough. But then ringers REALLY got rabid once the well-made, by-a-fan-for-fans big budget movies were made. Harry Potter still has the promise of three more books, six more movies, and endless merchandizing and fanfic ideas down the line.What does TLK have? Nothing ongoing. The only hope of fandom revival is if another crappy sequel is made, which looks shady as of now. O_oRabid fandom is a fickle thing. If it doesn't have enough sustaining resources to keep it going (i.e. new media or storylines), then it will eventually move on to greener pastures. <i> Spirit</i>, anyone? ~_^ <i>Edited by: Paka at: 5/6/02 10:24:23 pm</i>

06.05.2002, 22:21
Yeah, i guess we are a rare
eed. I hope if Tlk is coming out, that its really good, or else............ X_X............ we're extinct. <i></i>

06.05.2002, 22:22
Yah... this is kinda sad. This board's just falling apart PlanetLionKing is still down too. Poor TLK. It's only hope is that Disney does TLK3 really well, or at least decently, which, considering Disney sequels in the past, is, unfortunately, somewhat unlikely... I'll get over you, I know I will,I'll pretend my ship's not sinking,And I'll tell myself I'm over you,Cause I'm the King of Wishful Thinking~Fine Young Cannibals, King of Wishful Thinking::Welcome to my world::<i></i>

07.05.2002, 07:25
I had wondered if I should write a small post aboutthis TLK-stagnation. Looks like you beat me to it.If you think you're running low on material for fan-artand fan-fics, then just stop looking at your own feet.There's a world out there, look at it, read books,even if you don't like them.Do a crossover of Aladar and Alistair Maclean.Plow through the complete works of W.E. Johns.Have a meeting with lots of TLK-ers and
ainstormideas.Use subjects lightyears away from TLK in your fan-fics.Same thing with fan-art.Is this related to TLK, besides that it's Scar sitting there?fanart.lionking.org/imgarchive/FanArt/NisseNjursten/262.jpgThis came from a radio show. TLK or what?fanart.lionking.org/imgarchive/FanArt/NisseNjursten/Runkbulle.jpgI hope you get the point, and then I hope you'll tell what thepoint is. Norqvist - psychotic lone wolf<i></i>

Jabari Tunzo
07.05.2002, 14:24
actually, forums once reserved for TLK still flourish, although they may be fighting (at least one)There's Born Wild, WildFury, and AeroDynamic. They ALL have TLK roleplay, but that's about as TLK as it gets. They have art display boards (and it's not ALL TLK related!).A TLK board like this doesn't have to be ALL TLK.You can
ing this forum back to life...it's your call.JT <i></i>

Nukta Kupaya
07.05.2002, 17:17
There hasn't been any real "fresh" material in the past year that I've been here...Shadow Over Shadowland, Simbaworld, TLK Gold... slowly diminishing. And more TLK boards keep popping up...From my observations, it's as though TLK discussions are taken far too seriously, which, to me, takes the fun and enjoyment out of the fandom. When one can't express their joy in something, they'll leave that area for one that they can do so.Which is one reason I haven't been here much... that, and I'm having difficulty standing the new influx of people (that seem perpetually under the age of ten). So, instead of complaining, I just stick in the shadows, and say something when I have something of some interest... -Nuk <i><b>Life in the Savannah Muck! - Where YouCan Play TLK! Host: squeeky.cytag.nl Port: 11000</b></i>Send the Meat- er, Mail... Here ICQ #85191520<i></i>

Whippet Angel
07.05.2002, 23:09
Heh, when I first saw this topic, I thought it was in reference to all the pop up ads Hmm, I've honestly never thought the Savannah to be in a "Diminishing state" (not recently anyway). If anything, it's one of the few remaining TLK boards where I still see actual discussions on the film (many of which tend to get pretty deep). As for the "seriousness", well...For some people, all the fun and enjoyment IS about getting into deep discussions on their favorite films, picking apart every little detail piece by piece. That's just ther way some of us are. For many, it's the only way left to have a decent discussion around here! Like Paka said, we seem to be running out of things to discuss. Just take a look at all the old threads on the other pages. Many, many old discussions on so many different topics, from the film's characters, to the plot, to the music, to merchandise, to censorship, to the VHS cover art, to reasons why many of us feel SP was inferior to TLK, and what have you! I think this board has done very well in finding new and interesting things to talk about over the past few years (wheras other forums have just become general gathering places where TLK fans can come and chat about anything other than the film that
ought them all together in the first place).The Savannah seems to be just fine to me It may seem to be fading into a "diminishing" state at the moment, but every major gathering place of a fandom goes through it eventually. Lets say there IS a TLK3. Even if it turns out to be even worse than SP, at least we'll have lots of new material to tear apart All I know is that the day I decide not to post here any longer, is the day I run out of things to say

The Sonic God
09.05.2002, 06:15
TLK is one of my many things I like in life, and shall always remin among the top of my list...no matter what happens. An ezBoard forum cannot be valid substance for The Lion King...it's people's passion. <i>President and CEO of UGC and TLK:UN</i><i></i>

09.05.2002, 22:56
<looks at the state at the Savanna is in and nod>I agree with TSG. Even if this place shuts down we will move to other one, Just like how many of us did with the chat rooms! So Lion King is always living and there are always things to talk about. To sum it up all I really have to say is,LONG LIVE THE LION KING! "As Above, As below, So mote it be!"<i></i>

The Sonic God
12.05.2002, 07:14
<i>Moshayana weso bo' itumele, ngwana weso bo' itumele. Tsatsi lahao lefihlile, ithabise! Sizo nqoba!</i><i></i>

12.05.2002, 17:02
I suppose attendance is down and discussion is slowing, but this board is still alive, but slipping. We need to
oaden our scope a bit, more discussion of related topics, not just TLK. Like why is is the Spirit discussion all in one monster thread? The ads really stink up this place, and I wish the graphics would work again (I suppose that would require planetlionking to come back up). However, I am still happy to come here, although I often don't have time to make the lenghty posts that I could. Anyways, fight the good fight.- NA <i></i>