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Larani the lioness
10.05.2002, 14:05
Different from Nationality.I'm from the USA..Mom's side: English and SpanishDad's side: Italian(sicily), French, German, Welsh, Norwegian, Irish (Not in any order)Brother: Korean ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*PLEASE VOTE FOR ME at fanart.lionking.org for me to be the ARTIST OF THE MONTH!!!! "I'm not being lazy, I'm just saving energy." <i></i>

Rush Husky
10.05.2002, 15:01
Mostly Italian, Polish, Bulgarian, German <b>Which Lion King Character Are You? Created by CrazyCoasterCo.<i></i>

Nukta Kupaya
10.05.2002, 19:11
Not quite sure which side has what, but...Mainly come from Britain and Germany...-Nukta <i><b>Life in the Savannah Muck! - Where YouCan Play TLK! Host: squeeky.cytag.nl Port: 11000</b></i>Send the Meat- er, Mail... Here ICQ #85191520<i></i>

10.05.2002, 22:01
Dad's side: French, Italian, english, Dutch.Mom's side: German, Native American. (there's more but i cant really remember,)OH and my grandparents told me that my Great great great great great great grandfather killed someone...... <i></i>

10.05.2002, 23:48
My Dad's side is mostly from Great Britain; English, Irish, some Scottish, I think. My Mom's side is German. ::Welcome to my world::<i></i>

The Lone Nomad
11.05.2002, 04:11
Mostly Irish and German right here! ....hmmm alcohol should be coursig through my vains as we speak <i></i>

11.05.2002, 15:56
Dad: swedishMom:South-Koreanthere's prolly a few other nationalities mixed in somewhere along the line, not sure. <i>We all have a wish,An unfulfilled wish deep inside our hearts that we may not even know about, But for some of us it reminds us of itself during every waking moment of our lives. It haunts our dreams and is always present, like a curse…We have to make sure that we fulfil that wish. Otherwise we’ll just keep on wishing…~a certain someone</i><i></i>

Larani the lioness
11.05.2002, 16:42
One of my ancestors was a navy ship captain in WWII lol! ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*PLEASE VOTE FOR ME at fanart.lionking.org for me to be the ARTIST OF THE MONTH!!!! "I'm not being lazy, I'm just saving energy." <i></i>

Nukta Kupaya
11.05.2002, 20:25
Come to think of it...Father's Mother: DutchFather's Father: British/French Mother's Mother: GermanMother's Father: BritishGrandfather (Mother's side) was a WWII B17 pilot. Would've loved to hear his experiences... Anyhoo... might be other nationalities mixed in there somewheres, not sure...-Nuk <i><b>Life in the Savannah Muck! - Where YouCan Play TLK! Host: squeeky.cytag.nl Port: 11000</b></i>Send the Meat- er, Mail... Here ICQ #85191520<i>Edited by: Nukta Kupaya&nbsp; at: 5/13/02 4:24:29 am</i>

The Sonic God
12.05.2002, 07:13
90% of my blood is german.Reese, Dillenburg, and Stockinger are German names that are in my family.Aside from german, I also have italian, norwegian, danish, dutch, french, swedish, and ranking in the less than 0.1%, believe it or not, African. But it goes back a LONG time ago. <i>Moshayana weso bo' itumele, ngwana weso bo' itumele. Tsatsi lahao lefihlile, ithabise! Sizo nqoba!</i><i></i>

12.05.2002, 17:12
I like to say I'm a European mutt, or typical Canadian. More specifically, I have Scandanavian (sp?), Ukranian and Scottish ancestry. Also, one of my ancestors may have been a United Empire Loyalist, that is they left the 13 Colonies when they went rebel and came up to Canada.- NA <i></i>

12.05.2002, 22:20
My grandmother(mothersmother) refugeed from Finland during WWII.--------------------------------------------------------------------------Dad: Sweden (I think) crawling the streets for licker(I think)Mom: Sweden or Finish or both (I think) diseased (I know) died in a car accident (according to my 'parents') she was manodepressive/bipolar disorders/ manicdepressions (I think) hanged herself in the garden (according to my cousin) I asked my grandma how she died but she trashed the discussion in a peculiar way...that was two days ago............................................... .................................................. .........................-----------------------------------------------Why is it everyone hang themselves?I am manodepressive or what you call it. And its herited to. One of them went this year . My cousin Monica tries to all the time (with razorblades) she's extreme!!Monica and I sometimes joke about doing the 'plasticbagtrick'. I am glad i discovered it at this age, so that I can take advantage of it. I found out at this site......Its swedish but has english links in it:w1.511.telia.com/~u511044...nodepp.htmIts swedish but has english links in it:............................................... ........................... <i></i>

12.05.2002, 23:06
I'm mostly English with part native american I think. I'm not really sure. I've never researched it... *shrugs* "And will the world see the blind lead the blind?Control their own paths and seek to find?Burden to hold cause of resistance.Weakness revealed turns into failures.Hope is dismissed pushed out from culture.But can the truth speak our sights set high?But is that truth or our demise?Look up.The source.Dismiss.But before, but beforeI'm filled. I'm filled.Seek, see, bleed.That weakness focused left to relyRelies on words spoke is life inside.Reveal.Pure.My saviorPrevails.Seek, see, bleed, prevails."Still Breathing - "Prevails"<i></i>

13.05.2002, 06:38
Mom: Swedish (Dalarna, don't fel too stupid if you don'tknow where that is)Dad: Norr- & Västerbotten (same thing with this)That's about as far as I know for sure, but if you couldtrace my family back, say 20000 years we probably camefrom Southern Europe, and if I'm traced backa million years I'm African.And if you trace me back ten billion years, I don't knowwhere I came from, but I can tell you this:I don't think God made me, more likely a coincidence. Norqvist - psychotic lone wolf<i></i>

14.05.2002, 00:49
Both my parents are Chinese. <i></i>

14.05.2002, 01:28
norqvist- Apparently, if you traced anybody's family tree back far enough, we'd all end up africans. That's supposedly where all modern humans hail from. Cheetahs never prosper ~ Zazu <i></i>