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Nukta Kupaya
02.09.2002, 15:07
Is it just me or does it seem rather... old here, too? <i></i>

02.09.2002, 21:25
Old???I'd say dead... <i></i>

Nukta Kupaya
03.09.2002, 00:13
That fits, too. Lifeless, nothing of any real interest, looks like the topics haven't changed since I left a few months ago. Didn't miss anything, it seems.But at least I have a forum to occupy myself with... <i></i>

Young Lioness
03.09.2002, 01:52
Don't worry guys, it's just that there's not much to talk about right now. That always happens to Message Boards. Soon something will come up and many people will be replying to topics at this Message Board, it's really not that big of a deal. <b>Which Lion King Character Are You? Created by CrazyCoasterCo.<i></i>

04.09.2002, 00:33
Nah.. <i></i>

04.09.2002, 05:37
*cough * there's so much dust around here.... haven't had a decent TLK topic since fe
aury(sp?) .. yea, lot's changed in the past several months .. I remember when people posted every few hours.. now it's days or weeks... *sigh* ooh! she dances! *does the hula* <i></i>

Nukta Kupaya
05.09.2002, 00:18
And people wonder why I like New Beetles (and Volkswagens)... <i></i>

05.09.2002, 09:17
A while ago, I expected this to happen some time.TLK isn't immortal, hehehehe....VW - Virtually WorthlessVW - Visionised by Wehrmacht <i></i>

05.09.2002, 22:04
...of COURSE Lion King isn't immortal - fan forums were teeming back when the net was new and novel, and Simba's Pride was coming out. But now TLK topics have run the gamut from the very relevent to the far stretching. And the net isn't so "wow!" anymore. Plus TLK is over 8 years old - quite old considering how fleeting fads and cartoon fandoms are. *shrug*Traffic will pick up once TLK is released on IMAX and dvd. And whenever that "The Lion King 1 1/2" is coming out. Though it doesn't look too promising (hell, what Disney cheapquel IS?), it'll still stir discussion, no doubt.What'll REALLY get the juices flowing is if TLK actually IS gonna get a new scene added to it for the IMAX or (more likely) the dvd release, as the rumor goes. People will definitely rant and rave about how they love it, or "how dare Disney mess with the original!", etc.<i> I'd</i> personally love to see a new and well-integrated scene - I don't think it'd hurt at all. And I <i> definitely</i> can't wait for the dvd!!! ^_^ <i></i>

06.09.2002, 00:42
Hopefully that'll revitalize the Savannah. It's so dead now... this seems to be the hottest topic right now! Them? Us? Look at them. They <i>are</i> us. What differences do you see? ~Kiara<i></i>

The Sonic God
06.09.2002, 18:21
Without are beloved Sequelo, things are going to get tough here.This is a great board, and I love being here every single moment. <i></i>

06.09.2002, 23:15
I must admit, that I don't like this place as much as I used to for several reasons I don't really wanna discuss.. I'm no longer going here like 10 times a day as I used to, but more like once every 2-3 days... Both because of dropping traffic (There's no need to check as often to catch up), but also because of certain things that's happend in my life the last few months, which means that I've got lots of other more important things to do. <i></i>

07.09.2002, 01:49
*sighs* Not much we can do but wait until someone posts an interesting topic.Either we're all standing here waiting or people have moved on. I know I have. One day I'll fly away Leave all this to yesterday Why live life from dream to dream? And dread the day when dreaming ends <i></i>

07.09.2002, 14:50
The DVD is coming out soon, right? Maybe any new or interesting material will spark up things. Y'think? "Two in the box, ready to go, we be fast, and they be slow!" -The Ghostbusters"Tim! Get in your corner!" - Frau HillCheck out Starfig's art at The Terrace RoomSign the GeeKeR on VHS & DVD petition!<i></i>