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07.11.2002, 11:52
Hey;I've been away for months and hadn't been able to check the forums because planelionking as we all know is down, until i thought about actually searching for planetlionking forum which i did and it got me here. So whats been up with everyone; or more accurately where is everyone and whats happening to Planetlionking ? Is there any good lionking news? like a new film or dvd release?LiAm <i></i>

Harley Quinn hyenaholic
07.11.2002, 12:06
Yes indeedy! There is lots of news and stuff, but I suffer from NFL, (Near Fatal Laziness, lol) so you can go to Lion King Rumors and find out for yourself. ~If you can't be nice to people on your way up, you'd damn well better not come down again...~<i></i>