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15.07.2000, 22:47
What´s your favorite ice-cream?VanillaStrawberryChocolateNutOnion (Yuck!)Show results 27010419, The Savanna Forum<i></i>

29.07.2000, 20:23
Hey, don't go knocking onions now. ;) <i></i>

sugar and kovu
29.07.2000, 23:17
man!you like simba kunjufu he always has to be the main character.Well heres my comment on simba I hate simba but I like his daughter! <i></i>

30.07.2000, 04:10
... k. :PWell you can dislike him if you want, I found him to be a very interesting and likeable character. I chose a picture of him as my profile pic becausea) I can't draw very well :Ib) He's pretty much how I could see myself as a lionFor the purposes of this forum, I am a lion. That's just how it works out. I can be who I really am here, among people who can do the same. I like it that way. :]~Kunjufu~ <i></i>

30.07.2000, 15:16
...what? No such typically Maine ice cream flavours such as:- deer crossing signs,- moose droppings, and of course the classical- lobster! <i></i>

24.06.2001, 18:40
Wow, I AM REALLY BEGINNING TO LIKE THAT BOARD?What's next? In which supermarkets do you like to go (could be some sort of advertisement...).Yeah, what about Yoghurt or Malaga, hmm? Being a bit old fashioned? Vanilla.. pff! Where are we? South Africa? Maybe there people like ANY KIND of ice-cream?For pics... It is really EQUAL what pic you use (yeah, or some people here gonna be shoot!).Allright, that pic is really a good one [ hmm, cannot be out of TLK2, didn't had that drawing quality ... GRIN! ... Sense of sarcasm ...] <i></i>

The Sonic God
26.06.2001, 09:27
<i> This topic has been moved from the TLK III Rumor Mill to the Polls, Polls, Polls forum.Sorry to move your ancient topic sequelo, but I figured that that test was before you even had a polls forum, so I'm placing it in the right forum.</i>BTW, my fav ice cream is chocolate marshmallow, if anyone cares. <i></i>