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15.05.2001, 09:04
...polls?YesNoWhat?Show results I can massage you...with a baseball bat.<i>Edited by: Takeshi666&nbsp; at: 5/15/01 9:04:57 am</i>

The Sonic God
16.05.2001, 19:18
Yes. There wouldn't be a forum open for polls if we didn't like them! <i>Master of the Mobian Realm, Ambassador of the Pridelands, I am infinite, I am the savior, I am The Sonic God.</i>President, CEO, and Founder of the Ultimate Gamers Community<i></i>

15.07.2001, 22:03
I love polls! <i></i>

16.07.2001, 14:22
Of course, a forum like this just would not be a forum without polls, so let there be polls, so we can all just have our say. As Simba Always Says: We Got To Put The Past Behind Us.<i></i>

17.07.2001, 21:02
Let there be polls, he saidand there were polls!..or something like that... <i></i>

Kovu TLK
18.07.2001, 11:08
<blinkblink>Er, yea. ubuse ngo thando, ubuse ngo xolo, Busa iyoNakupenda jadi Arashi vile, kasiThe Lion King III WWW Archive<i></i>