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26.08.2001, 14:29
I'm just curious, who all in this forum votes in national elections, if you do which party do you vote for in national elections, like Presidenal, Senatoral, etc, If this is your private business then just don't vote in this poll, I don't want to force you into tell us anything that is your personal business.I vote in elections, i'm old enough, and it's the american thing to do, I vote Democrat.If any of you guys who are over 18 and do not vote, i'm asking you to please vote in elections, you don't have to, but you'll be doing your country a big favor.DemocratRepublicanIndependent/OtherDo Not VoteToo Young To VoteShow results And With Four Votes - Kiara, you are the weakest link, Goodbye!<i>Edited by: edpride&nbsp; at: 8/26/01 7:41:46 pm</i>

The Sonic God
27.08.2001, 19:27
I do not vote. I do not have fath in politics. Because they don't work.Choosing between Gore or Bush was like picking between Trash and Garbage. I hated them both. And Nader didn't interest me. Third party is just to throw away your vote.Wile it may be my right as a US Citizen to vote, I really could care less.I prefer to enjoy the better, more simple things in life. Like The Lion King. <i></i>