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01.02.2001, 03:05
If you had to choose from any one of these drinks what would it be? (This is safi btw... errg! I forgot I wasn't signed in as safi! ><)Caffine free diet coladiet colacaffine free colaregular colaAny drink with super amounts of caffine and sugar!Show results <i>Edited by: bobsters1981&nbsp; at: 2/1/01 3:07:18 am</i>

01.02.2001, 03:09
There! Mucho better! *Snuggles in warm cuddly fur* Puuuuurrrrrrr! Hot like WAAASSSAABBBIIII!!![Safijaha's Place][Bobbi's World][My TLK fanart]<i></i>

01.02.2001, 06:09
<i> Caffine free diet cola (colored water)</i> is made by the devil! <i></i>

05.02.2001, 17:40
I like regular cola because of it's taste. Diet cola doesn't taste that good. <i></i>

inhix io
06.02.2001, 13:10
diet cola is poison. AH, THE GOOD OLD DAYS:Two me, from opposite sides, by a siamese ripcord tethered to their souls.Who will pull first, knowing thatit will destroy them both? Banzai's Pride Lands The Evil Gang Forum Antique's Forum Banzai's Pride Lands FORUM The Evil Gang The Savannah <i></i>

Lucifer kitty cat
07.02.2001, 13:02
diet cola taste's funny... and I'll allways gonna love the regular cola ---------------------------------------------------------Death Clock (COOL)Kingdom of nightmare RulerAntiques temporary Lair<i></i>

Nukta Kupaya
18.03.2001, 17:18
Diet Coke bites... Diet Pepsi's not bad, but I prefer Pepsi over both. And... I prefer 7Up over all those. But my real favorite? Passion Fruit, Riptide Rush, and Starfruit Gatorade. -Nukta <i></i>

14.05.2001, 05:50
Coca-cola light. But I love Dr.Pepper and Fanta too. I can massage you...with a baseball bat.<i></i>

sarabi princess
15.05.2001, 00:30
I like orange soda. Hehe. I don't drink much coke of anykind,but I do like Sprite. <i>Edited by: sarabi princess at: 5/15/01 12:32:21 am</i>

The Sonic God
15.05.2001, 03:39
I agree with Sequelo.MuST HaVe CaFffffFFiEEnnNnEEEe *is nuts* <i>Master of the Mobian Realm, Ambassador of the Pridelands, I am infinite, I am the savior, I am The Sonic God.</i>President, CEO, and Founder of the Ultimate Gamers Community<i></i>

15.05.2001, 07:57
Who needs coffee when you have...WHOOP ASS?Get yours at Thinkgeek.com! I can massage you...with a baseball bat.<i></i>

Joshua Clinard
16.05.2001, 19:07
I think caffeine s evil, and I don't drink any dark colas except for root beer. I do drink orange or citrus sodas. Yours truly,My Web Site |My Web Log | MuggleNet Message Boards"Whatever is popular is not always right; whatever is right is not always popular!"<i></i>

The Sonic God
16.05.2001, 19:23
I'm going to step slowly away from the fake cola that is sitting there, I will turn my head around, and...<b> *runs*</b> <i>Master of the Mobian Realm, Ambassador of the Pridelands, I am infinite, I am the savior, I am The Sonic God.</i>President, CEO, and Founder of the Ultimate Gamers Community<i></i>

03.06.2001, 00:07
There's only one drink for me, and that's HB(=Homemade Booze) "-What is that? -It's a skyddsrum... -A SKYDDSRUM!!! Run, he's got a skyddsrum!" The return of Jack the Ripper <i></i>

Larani the lioness
03.06.2001, 01:17
Yup I like it all as long as it's regular! <i></i>

16.07.2001, 14:53
You know how to say it seqelo! And I agree!My favorite soda is urge..my other favorites is coke, fanta and sprite, but i like 'em all! <i></i>

16.07.2001, 14:54
.. as lang as it regular <i></i>

18.07.2001, 05:02
I'm allergic to Carbonated drinks, darn! but I do like Chocolate milk! <i></i>

Benjamin the liger
21.09.2001, 14:51
I'm a Dr. Pepper addict, myself. g Benjamin Ingonyama nengw' enamabala!<i></i>

27.09.2001, 09:23
Budweiser! "Whoah, Chicago kicks ass!"<i></i>