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King Kana
23.10.2001, 18:43
...kind of Animated movies do you prefer and why?(Let's assume they are produced in their best possible ways)Anime?Normal animation (Moviequality) with animals?Normal animation (Moviequality) with animals and humans?Normal animation (Moviequality) with humans?Combi with liveaction (like Roger Rabbit a.s.o.?Show results Tani and Kana:~it's our Kingdom, it makes us, what we are~<i></i>

Larani the lioness
25.10.2001, 16:38
I like the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. ~**~Larani the Lioness*~~*"Lawr-anny?" "no" Larny?" "nope" Lawr uh NEE?" "uh-uh" Lah RAHN ee? "yeeaahh..." "The sky only reveals her true colors to those who are willing to climb the mountain."<i></i>

The Sonic God
01.11.2001, 20:48
Live action has been seen in a few movies, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Cool World, and Space Jam. Those movies are difficult to make, and the story doesn't always appeal to the audience.I stick with animal animation, The Lion King is by far the best example of this, and I love it, I'm obsessed!Human interaction with animals in animation, like 101 Dalmations and The Aristocats, don't exactly appeal to me...Anime doesn't interest me whatsoever, I hate the artwork... <i></i>

01.11.2001, 21:10
I liked Space Jam, but I rather prefer full animated or full live action films. No mix & matching stuff for me (`cept Space Jam ) "He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!" <i>- Monty Python's Life of Brian</i><i></i>