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27.09.2001, 08:25
Do you have an LP-player?Yeah, still works like a dreamBroken, but I still have it somewhereSold it ages agoMaybe I should buy one?Never had one and never willShow results "Whoah, Chicago kicks ass!"<i></i>

The Sonic God
29.09.2001, 06:29
I know VHS's have different formats, SP, LP, and SLP (aka EP).How's this significant to anything? <i>Edited by: The Sonic God&nbsp; at: 9/29/01 7:29:20 am</i>

30.09.2001, 13:49
I meant LP-player, you know, those which play those large vinyl discs. "Whoah, Chicago kicks ass!"<i></i>

King Kana
23.10.2001, 17:07
Yea, have one since 4 Years, last time used 1Year after buying. I'm too lazy to wipe this 3 Inches of dust off of it.I think I remember, how it looks. Tani and Kana:~it's our Kingdom, it makes us, what we are~<i></i>

29.10.2001, 22:52
LPs are great, i don't have a player but my parents have a sweet Zenith HiFi with a Turntable, Cassette Deck and 8-Track player. I love LPs for the nostalgia, like with my LD collecting. I pine after technologies that are no longer mainstream, yet still valid, like LPs, LDs and 70mm film.- NA <i></i>