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Larani the lioness
24.03.2002, 22:34
mine? the first three.poprock n rollpunk/rock/rap/hip-hopgospelrythm and bluesShow results ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*"I'm not being lazy, I'm just saving energy.""Never frown, cuz someone just might be in luv with your smile.""To the world. you may be just one person, but to just one person, you may be the world."<i></i>

25.03.2002, 02:42
Im more like a Rock n' roll/Pop. I like kid rock and Nikelback and linkin park. <i></i>

25.03.2002, 20:11
punk/rock/rap/hip-hop that's my oppinion! I LOVE Nickleback and Linkin Park.......but I Like rap too! I was having some trouble between pop and this one but....I picked this one! <i></i>

25.03.2002, 22:19
hip hop is not really one of my favorites. neither is rap. but ill listen to it. i'll listen to classical and still be interested in it. but those are my main favorites. <i></i>

25.03.2002, 23:52
I like Rock n' Roll which inludes:Alternative/pop rock: (Stuff like Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eye Blind, etc)Rap/rockHard RockMetal: (Melodic, Heavy, Hardcore) "Resistence, we're the alliance. We're freedom fighters, it's honor we defend. We follow truth and never your trends". - P.O.D. "Outkast"<i></i>

26.03.2002, 01:16
There is this one country song that they play on the radio all the time. its drivin me insane. <i></i>

26.03.2002, 23:08
My favorites aren't on there, unless I can count J-Pop as pop, J-Rock as rock, and Eurobeat and Anime Soundtracks as something else ^_^;; Digiko ga Kita nyo!<i></i>