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Jenny McCaffrey
23.08.2000, 21:49
Is it just me or is everyone else getting really fed up with of alls these poll's that are popping up?



25.08.2000, 08:23
that is stupid question....

Jenny McCaffrey
26.08.2000, 08:59
SO tell me, how is it a stupid question?

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26.08.2000, 14:25
I enjoy those questions. Seriously, since the polls are confined to this low-profile section of the forum (brillant planning, Martin!), they aren't much of a annoyance.

Jenny McCaffrey
26.08.2000, 14:55
Well to some people it is quite annoying! In my case it is and I'm sure I'm not the only one...look at the poll up above!

26.08.2000, 19:05
I'm not sick of poll's... they're nice way to as things this is what I mean:U don't have to make a topic and ask a thing... and that is way that ppl don't have to reply all the time >_< and that "saves space"

Jenny McCaffrey
26.08.2000, 20:27
Like your pic!
I get your point but theres so many that have just popped up suddenly and thats really annoying!
Its not as fun as the actual topics when you get to WRITE your opinion!

26.08.2000, 21:48
but U can allways reply to polls if ya want BTW.... thanks.... Inhix Io made this piccy to me....

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inhix io
27.08.2000, 10:46

Jenny McCaffrey
27.08.2000, 12:57
I just find polls annoying so hey..thats what I've got to say and I'm not goin into any more detail than that!

27.08.2000, 15:10
See ya!

23.12.2000, 03:07
Maybe there should be a poll section?
So people who hate polls dosen't have to look at them.

24.12.2000, 02:10
Hey that's a good idea! Me likes!