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American Pilot
11.06.2002, 04:34
I know this has nothing to do with TLK, but i was just wondering. CatDogFishBirdIguana or otherShow results I love to fly. Any questions?~KATIE<i></i>

10.07.2002, 19:42
I have to say dog. The reason, is that i'm allergic to cats. I've had fish, and they are relative boring. I've not had any of the rest so, my answer is dogs. Nala98Queen of the Pridelands<b>Which Lion King Character Are You? Created by CrazyCoasterCo.My Adopted Pokemon and PackMy ASB TeamMy Captured Pokemon<i></i>

American Pilot
10.07.2002, 21:14
my favorite is cats. i've had them all my life pretty much. my favorite cat is tiger. i agree, nala98,fish ARE boring. they just swim around all day making sucking motions with their mouths -----------------------------------What's wrong? Never seen a female pilot? Where have YOU been?<b>Which Lion King Character Are You? Created by CrazyCoasterCo.<i></i>