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03.10.2001, 17:36
Mine is a lion Lion'sTiger'sPanther'sCheetah'sOther'sShow results <i></i>

Azima Masi
05.10.2001, 19:20
Cheetahs all the way! (wherever "the way" is, you can bet a cheetah will get there first) <i></i>

06.10.2001, 20:50
I don't know.. I can't choose between Tigers and Lions... <i></i>

Larani the lioness
03.11.2001, 01:04
I love them all!! ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*"Never frown, cuz someone just might be in luv with your smile.""To the world. you may be just one person, but to just one person, you may be the world.""The sky only reveals her true colors to those who are willing to climb the mountain."<i></i>

Tigon the tigoness
07.11.2001, 15:23
Tigers!!!!!!!!!! <b> where do I take this pain of mine......I run but it stays right by my side <i></i>

Lucifer kitty cat
07.11.2001, 15:51
dunno they're all so cute ^-^ <i>"I can take no more What are we fighting for? You are my
others Each one I would die for Please just let it go All our heads are blown Let's just take the stage And remember why we play for"</i><b>~Korn,WAKE UP, album:ISSUES</b><i></i>

The Sonic God
21.12.2001, 06:17
I'l rank my favs in order.1. Lions2. Cheetahs3. Tigers4. Leopards5. Mountain Lions6. Bobcats7. Lynx <i></i>

23.12.2001, 04:30
I AGREE WITH AZIMA'MASICHEETAHS ARE MY FAVE TOO!!!!!!!!fanart.lionking.org/imgar.../Diego.jpg width=200 height=200 <i></i>

27.01.2002, 02:49
Nice order Sonic. I should have known your pick Dee.I prefer them all but if your forcen me it would be Lion.my order is.1.Lion.2.Tiger.3.Leopard.4.Panther.5.This animal is known as alot of keys like Mountain Lion/Puma/Couger.6.Jaguar.7.Cheetah.8.Lynx9.BobCat.10. anyother feline I missed. like Liger or Tigon ect. <i></i>

27.01.2002, 07:22
1. Lion2. Cheetah or Leopard3. Tiger4. Mountain Lion/Puma/Cougar <i></i>

12.03.2002, 14:42
1.Cheetah2.Jaguar/Panther/Leopard3.Tiger4.Lion/White Lion5.Mountain Lion/puma/Cougar6.Lynx7.Bobcat8.Tigon THAT IS MY BEAUTIFUL LIST!!!!!!! <i></i>

05.04.2002, 14:26
All big cats(and wild small cats i.e the puma) RULE!!!!!!!!But i cant say i like housecats though. <i>We all have a wish,A wish deep inside our hearts that we may not even know about, but for some of us it reminds us of itself during everery waking moment of our lives, and in our dreams.We should make sure that we fullfill that wish.If not, we'll just keep on wishing...~a certain someone</i><i></i>

01.05.2002, 22:29
Ocelots <i></i>

The Sonic God
02.05.2002, 01:38
Ocelots fall into the Serval category, a medium size cat. <i>President and CEO of UGC and TLK:UN</i><i></i>