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Larani the lioness
08.11.2001, 18:49
r u?Christian/Catholic/OrthodoxJewishMuslim/Hindu/Buddhisthumanism/animism/othernoneShow results ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*"Never frown, cuz someone just might be in luv with your smile.""To the world. you may be just one person, but to just one person, you may be the world.""The sky only reveals her true colors to those who are willing to climb the mountain."<i></i>

08.11.2001, 19:44
I dont bide by any religion, even tho it's contested on my school records that I am Christian.Also I am an atheist. In other words I don't believe in god or that there is a "creator". "He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!" <i>- Monty Python's Life of Brian</i>"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries" <i>- Monty Python and the Holy Grail</i><i></i>

08.11.2001, 21:37
Mafriki! your pofile pic is SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And I'm a Christian. By heart. By body. By mind. And by soul -----------------------------------------------------------------"Sometimes, what's left behind can grow better than the generation before..if givin the chance."<b>~Simba</b>"Never, ever give up without a good fight!"~<b>Angalia</b>})i({*~*~My Forum!~*~*My Art!*~*~*~E-mail me!*~*~*~*})i({<i></i>

08.11.2001, 23:23
As a Christian you aren't supposed to believe the "Big Bang" theory and that God made the earth with the six days theory. I dont know what you believe I'm just pointing out as what is written in the Bible.As a true Christian you should also believe that Jesus was real and did sacrifice himself for all of mankind.It's your choice to say what your belief's are, but I just cant see any bulk to the argument that Jesus was real or that God made the earth in 6 days!(Notice the random bouncing amoung facts and belief's I have my Religious Education [R.E.] teacher to thank for that (I dont want to do R.E. I have to! )) "He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy!" <i>- Monty Python's Life of Brian</i>"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries" <i>- Monty Python and the Holy Grail</i><i></i>

09.11.2001, 02:56
I'm a christian, and am happy to be one too . I consider my christianity to be more of a personal relationship with God than a religion. I don't really care for religion (all of the ceremony, tradition, and stuff). Religion isn't what really matters, but rather it's where you heart is with God that matters.I basically just pray, read the Bible, and go to church; there's not much more to it than that . It's awesome having a relationship with God, and I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. Call me crazy but God is real, and Jesus lives.Here's an interesting thought: Many have theories and hypothesises about this life, but only one can be correct. They can't all be correct, and there is only ONE truth in the end. I can only hope and pray that you are as assured in your beliefs as I am in mine.I hope I don't offend anyone. I'm entitled to my beliefs, just as you are entitled to yours. I would love to hear everyone's beliefs if they feel like posting them. <i>Edited by: Kilindi at: 11/10/01 5:10:39 am</i>

10.11.2001, 02:18
Im half and half. If its true, then im ok, if its not, can't really hurt, can it? "In the beginning, the Universe was created. This has made many people very angry and has generally been regarded as a bad idea."<i></i>

10.11.2001, 04:12
I am a Wiccan and I am extermly proud of it! Actully I was about 14 when I found way to many erros in the Christan religon(I do not wish to upset any one) A question to all over you that are Chirstan's, anwser thurthfully....Do you honstly belive that every word in the bible is as the same it was when God spoke them to his people?!Is finding a way to feel closer to the Sprit and belive that Mary is more when what she is said to be wrong?! Is the wrod Witches spook you at all? or is it just a no no thing's to talk about b/c you walk with Christ ins't close enough?! I Qutoed I do not wish upset any one! If I have please e-mail me at s_
ust@hotmail.com and I will say what I was willing for it to come out and if you still are upset I will say sorry! <i></i>

10.11.2001, 04:15
Half and half of what? Half creationist, half evolutionist?... Just curious <i></i>

10.11.2001, 04:45
Tylona here I agree with KillindiJesus Christ came and died for are sin's he gave his life for you and me and everyone he say's that he love's everyone the same....some people say it's not true...but I know it is he love's you just as much as he ever thought about loving me!his word is true, I love Jesus!!!!!!I go and shut my door and tell my family I'm going to go pray the nod or agree and somtime's my
other will ask could I come and pray to?I say sure!!!because it's getting close to Jesus understanding where were going to be!!!!even my Mother we all get togather and pray.we will live forever with Jesus if our heart's are right that mean's ask Jesus to please forgive you of all your sin's and mean it from your heart praise his name lift your hand's up!!!!Jesus is coming back soon I know he is!!!!He want's us to spread the word about him.When you talk about Jesus the angel's gather around to listen because it's about are Father!I dont mean to push anyone away or put them down or anything like that I'm just expression what I see and know.He is King of King's and Lord of Lord's.God created us and Jesus.When you look at yourself and even at your animal or outside you know that God created that.All I know is that I'm proud to show that I love him and that I want to learn about him more!I dont wanna offend anyone I just want to tell everyone about him.some might not understand but once you know Jesus you gotta dig in deeper finding out about him. <i></i>

10.11.2001, 05:48
Wow Tylona, well said . I completely agree. <i></i>

10.11.2001, 14:56
I'm like Mafriki, my records say that I'm a Christian,but I'm an atheist. I don't belive in God or things like that (ecsept from aliens, I belive in aliens! *lol*) At school we all have to have our Religious Education, but I don't mind that, because we learn about all the religions and about other things too, like how it is to grow uo and stuff like that. <i></i>

Larani the lioness
10.11.2001, 16:27
I am a strong Christian like you, Anni and others. Christianity is not like just any old religion. its a relationship, guys!! You gotta have a relationship wit God so you can go to heaven. Heaven's a cool place i hear. gold streets y'know the sort. and there will be animals there too i think. (hint hint: LIONS) Ypu are right, whoever said this. Christians do not believe in the big bang theory. Because it never happened. How could it happen by chance. How could the earth be the exact distance from the sun to support life? And if evolution is true and we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys and apes around today? And why are we still not evolving and getting better? As for the six ay creation: when the bible says "day", it means a period of time. That period of time could mean a 24 hour day, or it could mean a week, and so on. God coud've created the world in a 24 hour period, or he could have done i in six weeks. If he wanted to, God could have created it in 6 days. And in case you are wondering why a so called loving God let the terrorists attack, i can tell you a little of what i believe.theory one: God could be using this to
ing americans to their senses; they have strayed so far from him and God wants to draw the people to Himself.theory two: God intends to
ing good out of evil. Since this great tragedy, more people are looking to God for guidance and help, and he gives it to the according to His will. IOW, God listens when you ask him stuff. Well, that's my religious aspect of life. ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*"Never frown, cuz someone just might be in luv with your smile.""To the world. you may be just one person, but to just one person, you may be the world.""The sky only reveals her true colors to those who are willing to climb the mountain."<i></i>

10.11.2001, 16:55
It takes millions of years to evolve. As it says if you read Darwin's theory of evolution (which I haven't but my R.E. teacher has read loads of that stuff)And as far as I can say with the big bang theory it was luck (if anything like that exists) that the Earth was in the right place to support life. It is known the universe is stil expanding and it must be doing this because of a force propelling it. Why would God still be enlarging the universe if he's so contented with his creations on Earth? With that the main downfall of the theory is: "Who made the big bang?" It couldnt just happen per chance, because something had to of started it.The more you think about this stuff the more likely you are gonna question you're existance. Especially if you don't believe in God as I do not. What is life? A lesson to be learnt? A trip full of bumps and dead-ends? The journey to be with God? What is it? I dunno and I dont care anymore. I used to and I kept drawing blanks. We will never ever know. You can believe what you want, you may find out the answer to the ultimate question: "Why?" But you won't be able to tell anyone about it "He's not the messiah. He's a very naughty boy!" <i>- Brian's Mother - Monty Python's Life of Brian</i>"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries" <i>- French Guard - Monty Python and the Holy Grail</i>"You always talk, you Americans. You talk and you talk and say 'let me tell you something' and 'I just wanna say this'. Well, you're dead now, so shut up!" <i>- Grim Reaper - Monty Python's the Meaning of Life</i><i></i>

Larani the lioness
10.11.2001, 17:01
why are we here? cuz well God put us here. Why? to serve him and well-LIVE! WHy? God wants you here cuz ur special, right? huh? Someone back me up here! ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*"Never frown, cuz someone just might be in luv with your smile.""To the world. you may be just one person, but to just one person, you may be the world.""The sky only reveals her true colors to those who are willing to climb the mountain."<i></i>

10.11.2001, 17:19
Thank's Killindi.I'll back ya up Larani because I know God's real.Ok God made us to test us we once was up in heaven and he put us down on this earth to see if we can do it, when we were up in heaven some said that they dont want to fall and they dont want to go threw what we are going threw now but we had a choice and we made this one......to go and be tested and go threw trail's and battle's.Meaning his testing us to stand by him and not get off the wrong track to see if we are willing to do this for him.And why serve him?he created us and he even died for us he loves us so, so why are you so willing to say his not real?c'mon guy's I mean look everyone is alway's at the Christian's not anyother religion there not at the Muslim/Hindu/Buddhist or any other's.I mean look, look at the Jewish people they are being put down because Jesus our King was Jewish.We need to accept Jesus into our live's becuase you dont want to be in such darkness.I'm still not trying to offend anybody here I'm just speaking out.you have a choice I have a choice.I made my choice who I want to leave with the rest of my life.I hope and pray you make the same. Now on the other hand Larani there is animal's in heaven 1 day we will ride back on horse's yupper's yupper's big huge white one's. Now I would have to go into dept's if anyone is willing to listen or read because it will be so long.and if you would like to accept Jesus into your heart tell me so and I'll be more then willing to type out the word's for you and you must said it with me and mean it from your heart deeply and truely.!.Might I add you must have him 1st in your heart and life.Thank you dearly for your time.Jesus #1 alway's and forever!.By Tylona your friend <i></i>

10.11.2001, 21:00
we are still evolving! Few millions years in the future we most likely don't have 'little fingers' and 'little toes'. And the 'wisdon theeth' are probably gone too, we the scientists know this? Well allready now more and more babyes are born without wisdom theeth, because we don't need them anymore.Life after death: some belive in the teori 'stright to heaven' some belive in reincarnation (I have nooo idea how to spell that, but I hope you understand, you know, you die, you live, you die, you live, you die and so on, until you get to Nirvana). Personal I don't belive in heaven or hell, or life after death. I think you just die, and then it's nothing. Nothing as in, no light or dark, no heaven or hell, no life, no silence or noice, no happiness but altso no sadness. Some might find this depressing, but I think it's ok, I know it's no candies, no joy, no happiness but still it's no worries, no stress, no needles (*lol* I hate needles, that is why I'll probably never will get an tatoo ) no dentists, no to mention no wars!But I'm a bit confused..... I think I belive in ghosts.. it's like sometimes I belive in ghosts, and sometimes not...(don't ask. *lol*) I belive that ghosts is someone that have something they have to do, before they can rest forever.About the 'loving God', well... his plan did not work here where I live. Since the terrorist attack many people I know have turned away from him. Tylona said this:<b><i>Quote:</i></b> "I'm still not trying to offend anybody here I'm just speaking out"I know you aren't trying to offend anybody Neither do I. I'm just saying what I think ------------------------------------------------------ I'm for dialing up the Ellimist and telling him to go jump off whatever super-dimensional
idge he can find." - Marco (from 'The Animorphs') <i></i>

10.11.2001, 23:25
I see what your trying to say Mtani.You will either go to Heaven or Hell it's your choice because if you wanna go to Heaven you gotta serve Jesus love him and praise him and most of all ask Jesus to forgive you of all your sin's.......if you dont do that and push God out of your life then your going to Hell.I'm not trying to fear anyone by all mean's.It's just the truth."Still trying not to offend anyone." <i></i>

Larani the lioness
11.11.2001, 18:40
oooh! Gooo Tyona! *yay* yeah if someone who dun believe in Jesus dies, he/she will go right down (down to hell i mean.) Hell's not the best place on earth. (well it's not on earth, but u get my drift right? icky fire and imagine the heat. Imagine spending forever with the devil himself. *shudders at the thought* im glad i'm goin up to Heaven, arenư you, Tylona and Anni? c-ya!*is trying not to frighten anyone or offend anyone* ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*"Never frown, cuz someone just might be in luv with your smile.""To the world. you may be just one person, but to just one person, you may be the world.""The sky only reveals her true colors to those who are willing to climb the mountain."<i></i>

11.11.2001, 19:08
But if you dont believe in God/Jesus then you dont believe in the devil so if you were gonna go anywhere you'd be a lost sole. Didya think of that? What's so bad about Lucifer anyway? What did he ever do to you? "He's not the messiah. He's a very naughty boy!" <i>- Brian's Mother - Monty Python's Life of Brian</i>"Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries" <i>- French Guard - Monty Python and the Holy Grail</i>"You always talk, you Americans. You talk and you talk and say 'let me tell you something' and 'I just wanna say this'. Well, you're dead now, so shut up!" <i>- Grim Reaper - Monty Python's the Meaning of Life</i><i></i>

11.11.2001, 23:10
You still dont understand yet Mafriki?your only making a laugh out of it you really dont know.....I hope to see everyone there!like my whole entire family everyone I know and even some people I dont know and is my worst enemy but I dun hate em.I wanna see l Larani and Annie and Killindi.and even yall who are unsaved and dont believe I pray you will believe before it's to late.(Still does not want to frighten or offend anyone.) <i></i>

11.11.2001, 23:25
*edits*Forget it..... what is fast gonna turn into an argument is something I can do without*forgets this thread even exists* <i>Edited by: Mafriki&nbsp; at: 11/12/01 12:34:42 am</i>

12.11.2001, 02:46
I don't think there is any room for arguing here. Like Mafriki, I don't want to see this turn into an argument. Arguing only turns people away. I think everyone should feel free to share their believes without arguing. Simply stating your beliefs makes a bigger impact than arguing about them does. <i></i>

12.11.2001, 05:49
Just some random thoughts:Christianity is God's attempt to reach man through Jesus Christ rather than man's attempt to reach God like in many other religions. God is pure but we are not. We are sinners through and through. God and sin cannot exist together, therefore, we must be forgiven of our sins to commune with God. Jesus Christ is the messiah (God in human form) who came to this earth as a living sacrifice for our sins. While on earth he performed many miracles and proved to many that he was infact the messiah, yet there were those who still didn't believe that he was, and so he was crucified on a cross.What did Jesus do to deserve crussifiction? Nothing. He was crussified out of hatred for the wonderous miracles he performed. Crussified for healing the sick, the lame, and the blind. Crussified for loving mankind. Yet, Jesus said "No man takes my life from me, I lay it down freely". Which is exactly what he did. He saw his own crussifiction coming and he knew he had to go through with it, for us.Jesus died on a cross out of love as a sacrifice for our sins. He was God in human flesh who came to suffer, bleed, and die for you, because he loves you so much. The crussifiction of Jesus was a symbolic act of forgiveness. When he was crussified, all of man's sins were laid upon him and the only way to God is through the acceptance of the forgiveness that Jesus Christ gives. In order to accept that forgiveness we must first recognize that we are all sinners. We have all fallen short of the glory of God, we have all
oken his laws. We are not perfect, we are human and that is why we need his forgiveness.God promises eternal life in heaven to anyone who believes in him with their hearts and confesses that they are sinners. By confessing your sins and repenting God makes you clean and promises life in heaven to you. There's not much more to it than that. That is Christianity. Once you do this, reading the Bible and praying is useful for learning more about God and having a good relationship with him.Heaven: According to the Bible only those who believe in God/Jesus Christ, accept his forgiveness, and confess that they are sinners will go here.Hell: Hell was never meant for man, but for Satan and his angels. Yet Satan tempts man with sin and does everything in his power to lead God's children away from God. God does not send anyone to hell nor does he want anyone to go to hell, he loves us too much. It's ultimately the person that sends themself to hell by rejecting the God that loved them and tried to reach out to them many times over. God gives everyman a free choice and with that free choice comes consequences. These consequences can be good or bad. I hope and pray you make the right choice.Truth: The Truth is the Truth regardless of whether you believe it is or not. If what you don't believe really IS the truth, not believing in it doesn't change anything, it is still the truth nonetheless.I have a hard time believing we're here and everything is the way it is because of random chance. The very complexity of your being and the universe itself suggests otherwise. When I look at people and the universe I can't help but see intelligent design behind it. Humans who have intelligence could never create all of this, and yet random chance without intelligence is suppose to have created all of this? It's like saying that a tornado can go through a junkyard and randomly assemble a fully operational 747.These are just some of my beliefs, i'm quite through with my rant <i></i>

12.11.2001, 09:23
The only religion I still trust after all these crusades,witch-burnings, missionings, jihads and pink plastic frogsis the religion of Volvo 240. Mpilipili alisema hili amepoua mume wa pili:"Mara tanu hajaweza na sipendi kuteleza,mara moja naumba wawili!"<i></i>

Larani the lioness
12.11.2001, 19:45
lol? ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*"Never frown, cuz someone just might be in luv with your smile.""To the world. you may be just one person, but to just one person, you may be the world.""The sky only reveals her true colors to those who are willing to climb the mountain."<i></i>

12.11.2001, 21:11
Well done Killindi!and for Mafriki's info....I dun argue I have no reason to.....in my family you may not belive it but we dont argue it just don't happen now sometime's very very great yes but we our quick to say sorry.....I dislike arguing it wast's your time and pull's you away from God.~Clap's for Killindi.~I couldn't have said it better!. <i></i>

King Kana
13.11.2001, 20:16
Why not believing in the great Kings of the past?For me it's hard to believe in anything I "haven't seen with my own eyes" or expirienced it. So I would believe in a god, even if I see a devil. But I never had any expirience of it.I'm like mtani in that, but open to all and everything (like ghosts, but more on a scientific way, like studying the inside of a bacterium, I'm just curious . But I need "proofs". So why didn't Jesus or anyone show him/her self now? Time is right, maybe these Taliban would change their minds too, who knows.I believe in good, maybe there is something.I call it destiny, and when it comes from god, it's ok by me.By the way, Simba believes in the "great Kings of the past".So why does he use the word "Jesus", like we do? Maybe I believe in something but im so unsure about that. It's not tasteable, and that's my believe. I don't believe in a god, I believe in a big something, everything and nothing, that you can name god, but it doesn't fit into a person, it's just there.And it's all over the universe, and maybe far beyond............... (I hope I could make transparent what I wanna say, it's hard to keep it in words). - - <i></i>

Larani the lioness
14.11.2001, 15:15
Well God isn't a person, hes a being..jesus was kind of a person, but he was a supernatural kind of thing cuz hes God's son and God put him into human form and he was perfect. it's hard to explain though. Can someone try to explain it for me? ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*"Never frown, cuz someone just might be in luv with your smile.""To the world. you may be just one person, but to just one person, you may be the world.""The sky only reveals her true colors to those who are willing to climb the mountain."<i></i>

King Kana
14.11.2001, 21:20
Think I understand, but I mean I can't call "him god".I can't relate to that although sometimes I do but 'cause of everyone does. I can't relate that word, for my it's like to name an angel "crap". Understand me right: God is a nameing word, but I can't name anything unnameable it is way too big.On one hand there is nothing but on the other hand a silent floating power everywhere and we came and go from and to that power, so I better call it like that.The "big bang" was the beginning, maybe a plopp in that big blackness out there and the "big power" may
ing it on as the begin of the creation. Maybe the big power was created through that "big bang", or created through an even more powerful source. Did you know that our expanding space has the form of a banana. It's not expanding to all sides like a ball or so. There are much things we don't know.And if we don't have to, why did "god" made us so curious?I think of the big power more like a thing that "decides" on reaction and contrareaction, like chemicals. A mass of thoughts together isn't anything else in our
ains. But "gods" thoughts react not in a
ain. It's allover. Maybe god is produced out of nearly all the people and animals that have passed. We don't know. Maybe in 5000 Years we find out even that... ...like I said, I'm open to every info and is there a god that shows a believeable proof of evidence, may it be very little, I believe in "him". But for now I only believe in the power that forced the big bang and
ought everything on, so we can exist (and maybe many other lifeforms spread in the universe, thinking the same just in this moment). By the way do you believe, if "a Jesus" came down today, he would be treated bad again, after all we know? - - <i>Edited by: King Kana&nbsp; at: 11/14/01 10:33:14 pm</i>

15.11.2001, 00:15
My religion is Baptist, and I have been Baptized, and I have accepted Jesus as my savior, so that make me a true christian, Kilindi, you replies to this post is very fascinating, everything you said is what religion really is, and you deserve my praise for it. Like Disney's Tarzan?Come To Tarzan's Junglepub90.ezboard.com/btarzansjungle67796<i></i>

15.11.2001, 03:21
"Well God isn't a person, hes a being..jesus was kind of a person, but he was a supernatural kind of thing cuz hes God's son and God put him into human form and he was perfect. it's hard to explain though. Can someone try to explain it for me?"These are just some thoughts that come to mind based on the above quote. I hope this might help Yes, God is a being. We are all just beings when you think about it. Using the terms "being" and "person", I think the difference between a "person" and a "being" is that one is in the form of human flesh and the other is not. A "person" is a human being in the flesh and there are two parts to a human being. There is the soul (who you are as a person, your personality, beliefs, feelings, etc) and then there is the body, which is simply what your soul inhabits. When you die, your body dies but your soul (who you are as a person, who you are inside) lives on in eternity. Now, there are two places you can spend eternity as i've said before. The choice is yours.Some believe God and Jesus are two separate things but I believe they are the same. I believe in what is called the "Holy Trinity" meaning Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, and God are all part of the same God, they are all one in the same. God: is simply the name we use for the one over all things, the devine being that created us and this world. The Holy Spirit: is the spirit of God that comes into our hearts and lives in those who believe in God, have acknowledged that they are sinners, and have asked for forgiveness.Jesus Christ was God as a person, in the human flesh, who came to earth to
idge the gap between God and man, because like I said before, he was God in human flesh. He came down to our level, walked among us, healed, and worked miracles, and then was crussified on a cross for us and for our sins, so that we could be forgiven if we would just call on his name and ask for the forgiveness he offers. He also died on the cross so that we could have eternal life with him in heaven if we would just acknowledge that we are sinners and ask for forgiveness. We are the one's that really should have been crucified. Whether you would like to believe it or not, we are all sinners who do and think terrible things. No man is better than any other. I'm just as much of a sinner as any of you on this message board are. So it really should have been us on that cross, but instead, Jesus took our place, bearing our shame and our disgrace. He didn't deserve it, he was innocent and pure but he still took our place because he loves us that much, because he wants us to be with him in heaven, and because he wants a relationship with us. After all, he did create us.If you want to have the assurance that once you die you will go to heaven, all you have to do is pray to God, acknowledge that you are a sinner, and ask for forgiveness. He will forgive you for all of your sins, he will come into your life, he will listen to and answer your prayers, and best of all he'll give you the gift of eternal life in heaven. That's all you have to do. However, it is strongly recommended that you read the Bible and pray otherwise you won't grow in your relationship with God very well and things are always better when you're closer to God! King Kana: Man says "show me and I'll believe" but God says to man "Believe and i'll show you". You cannot be sure of all beliefs at first, but in order to find out what is true, you must first step out in faith and believe. All beliefs, whatever they may be, require faith. When I first accepted Jesus into my heart and life and started believing in God, it took faith, and so I stepped out in faith. But the good thing about God is that he backs up what he says and reveals himself to those who seek him. "Believe and i'll show you". It's nice to know that there are christian TLK fans out there other than myself. It's also good to know that there are TLK fans period out there other than myslef <i></i>

16.11.2001, 03:44
Preach it Killindi your on the right track, I know Jesus is very proud of you for sure he see's everyone of us.I need to ask for some prayer if you could please help and agree with me.It's about my GrandMother.She's been gone for 1 year now.....when she left she was full of cancer....cancer in her bone's it was bad she lost alot of weight she left our state to go to another state up with my Aunt and Uncle, and there taken care of her. We prayed and prayed for her. and Jesus answered. the doctor's was suprised that she was not in any pain at all it was a miracle she didn't.So after alot of chemo treatment it went down it's been one year now and she has a little bit cancer left but her heart cant take anymore it's really hard on her....and she need's alot of prayer she's doing well but she has to take alot of "med's" she's home-sick really bad and Jesus has answered every prayer.So please we need more prayer, prayer is everywhere going for her.Thank you <i></i>

17.11.2001, 01:09
No Problem, i'll be happy to pray for your Grandmother. I'll keep her in my prayers I hope and pray she gets better. <i></i>

18.11.2001, 18:40
Thankie's Killindi, it help's alot <i></i>

King Kana
18.11.2001, 19:55
Yeah, Kilindi. It helped me to understand some things more and maybe I believed in "god" all the time but seeing it more "natural". Do you believe in ghosts or another world within ours, but in another dimension, maybe much bigger that we can imagine here? - - <i></i>

19.11.2001, 07:05
Yeah, seeing seems to be more natural to us because we're used to seeing most of everything that exists with our eyes, but there are still things that exist which we cannot see (such as God). God is like the wind. We cannot see the wind, but we can see the effects of the wind as we watch it blow the leaves of a tree. Likewise, we cannot see God, but we can see God working through people and in the lives of those people. We can see him answering prayers and giving blessings, and we can also see his creation (this earth, eachother, etc.). The reason we cannot see God is because God works through his spirit and your spirit on a spiritual level. To speak to you, God doesn't need to appear in human flesh, he simply speaks to your heart and convicts you. It's like that small voice called your "conscience" that tells you when things are right and when things are wrong. We will finally get to see God when we go to Heaven though.In answer to your questions, King Kana: Yes, I do believe in higher dimensions. I even believe God and possibly Heaven exist in a higher dimension, a dimension that we as human can't imagine or comprehend.However, I don't believe in ghosts. I believe that there are no free wandering spirits on this earth other than Satan and his angels (Demons) and that after you die, you will either go to Heaven or Hell . Hopefully most of us will all go to Heaven, I wanna see all of you guys there! The only way you can really go to Hell is by outright rejecting God, Jesus Christ, and the love he tries to show you. Morality won't get you to Heaven, because even though many don't want to think so, even the best of us are sinners.Concerning ghosts and demons: Like I said before, I do not believe in ghosts, but I do believe in Demons. Many of the so called "ghosts" people see are really just Demons trying to decieve people into believing that there ARE such things as ghosts and that after you die, you will become a free roaming spirit (ghost) on this earth. This is a very decietful trick, causing people to believe that such places as Heaven and Hell do not exist, when in actuality they do. The Devil and his angels use many tactics to decieve people and lead them away from God.Anyway, I'm done with my rant... <i>Edited by: Kilindi at: 11/21/01 6:55:55 am</i>

20.11.2001, 18:42
I'm Catholic ~*~*~*~Ashley-A big BSB, TLK, and SP Fan~*~*~*~Nick Carter's my Shining Star."Love Will Find A Way" the song that changed my view on life. I believe this now. "This is an Outrage! You are a disgrace to you Phylum, class, order, genus, and species!" "Say it in English!" "You sir, are an ass!"- Old Green Grasshopper and Mr. Centipede, James and the Giant Peach."Dude, we're speaking English right now, does that make sense?" - One of the Afgan children, South Park's latest episode. <b> I'm proud to be an American, Where at least I know I'm free, And I won't forget the men who died, Who gave that right to me, And I'd gladly stand up next to you, And defend Her still today, 'Cause there ain't no doubt, I love this land, God Bless the U.S.A. </b> <i></i>

21.11.2001, 05:14
Wow Kilindi! That was VERY well said!I'm a Christian too. I've been one since I was 14 (I'm 20 now). It's an experience I can't explain with words. Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship like so many other people have mentioned.I think it's a great thing to see so many people at this board who love God! ^^;; Safijaha's Place Safi's Art Safi's Mail<i></i>

21.11.2001, 05:48
Yeah, it's definitely great to know that there are people here who love God <i></i>

21.11.2001, 06:20
Oh I just remembered something when I was reading your guy's posts about the big bang.Isn't there a theroy or rule so to say that goes something like this: "an object in rest stays in rest until it is forced into motion"? Ugh I don't remember it's exact wording. So correct me please.Anyway, say the universe in the begining is just this vast thing with nothing existing in it. It's still, motionless, with nothing in it. No color, sound, matter, or anything. Then somehow there's particles that create this big ball of stuff. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, there's a blast of energy and matter that explodes and sends matter and particles spinning and spiraling. Eventually this haphazzard matter forms into stars, and planets. These planets are made of firey molten rock material, they eventually cool after billions of years. Then from the cooling there's steam, which form clouds and they eventually form rain the rain falls and covers the planet in water. In the water there's all kinds of atoms that float around, these atoms become molecules and these molecules are stuck with other ones and they eventually make the first living organisim. These simple living oranisims eventually evolve into extremely complex, inteligent beings.Okay now back to the theroy i mentioned... If this vast nothing is in rest... with nothing else there, there's would be no force to make this huge explosion and cause all these particles to zoom across space.If you look at your regular atom it's made of several tiny nonliving particles. There's a force that holds these particles together and makes the electrons circle around it. In essence, it's just nonliving particles that are moving around.Something that is nonliving can not be made into something living. Take a peice of metal for instance. What can you do to make the metal come alive,
eathe, speak, make offspring? You can't. Same thing with these nonliving molecules. If a nonliving object is swishing around in water for billions of years, it will continue swishing around and nothing living will come from it. You'll get all kinds of rocks, minerals, gasses and stuff, but no living creatures.There has to be something there (God) to move the object in rest into motion, and into life.I do somewhat believe that animals and people do evolve. Everything living changes to fit with it's surroundings and it's needs. The animals and plants that can't survive becuase of certain charicteristics die off, eventually the ones with the best attributes are the only ones living, and they produce offspring who have those attributes. That's why the animals and plants on the island that darwin did his studies on were different than the ones on the neighboring mainland. Yeah, people do evolve in a simular way too. If you look at people who lived 100 years ago, they were signifigantly shorter than people today. A person who was 7 foot tall would be considered a giant. While today, they're just a basketball player ^^ something common. And yeah, babies are being born without wisdom teeth. It's simply changing to fit our surrondings and world.I don't think that people came from apes and apes came from a prehistoric mammal and that came from a fish and so on... Just my theroy. You don't have to agree, but this is just what I think personally. Safijaha's Place Safi's Art Safi's Mail<i></i>

21.11.2001, 22:55
I believe God created the world how he did in the book of Genises. It basically tells about the various parts of the earth being created by God (land, water, sky, living creatures, etc.), but it doesn't go into great detail as to how God created it. But, I don't think we're supposed to know just how God created all of this. We would never be able to understand how because God is on a different level. I believe in minor forms of evolution for adaptational purposes, but I don't believe all living things came from evolution. <i></i>

28.11.2001, 04:25
Okay this is a nono but at the same hand this is very good topic! I aka Azizi and many more belive in God I belive in a Summer Land and recaration<sp?> But that is me I belvile that God is one huge dimond just put onto The Goddess figger and that Wiccan is ont of the progs holding it up just like Christans! So in a way we all are one! I don't ask any one to agree or disagee but being with god is not a religon as others has said but more of a friendship or even a child father bond. Wiccan is bacisy using the emlets of the earth which where gave to us by god and us them to promort well being with in our selfs and other and a Ture Wiccan would never never hurt any one with any thing or ever blast away at other! We are alot like Christans but our cross it differnt and we wear a star to remind us to keep our body's clean from the mind to the feet. I would actully love for some one to alest see where I am coming from that our question me! I am still learning(Duh! You never stop) But there is a long storie behide it but i am a clean witch I started over again with a new life way and every thing! Blessed be!Image by FlamingText.com<i></i>

28.11.2001, 06:12
I've researched Wicca and the Wiccan beliefs before and I found them very interesting. However, I don't believe or agree with Wicca because I believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible. The Wiccan beliefs conflict with the Bible in some major areas. The Bible says that divination (witchcraft) is an abomination unto God. In other words, it's bad, and you should not practice it. That's just what the Bible says, whether you choose to believe it or not is your choice.I realize that Wiccans mostly have good intentions in their beliefs and in their practice of magic, but according to God, the Bible, and Christian belief, witchcraft is wrong; it's a sin.I respect your beliefs as well as everyone else's. God gives every man a free choice and the ability to think for himself. God will not violate you, nor will he force you to do anything you do not want to do. God gives signs, shows the way, and reveals himself to everyone, especially those who seek him. However, whether you choose to listen to or accept what God shows you is your choice.Choosing to believe what God shows you often entails believing and accepting something you don't want to accept or believe. Having a sinful nature like everyone else, I hate hearing that some of the things I do or like are sinful. When God tells me that something I like is sinful or wrong, I don't want to believe it, yet deep down I know that it is wrong, even though I DON'T want to believe it."Wide is the gate and
oad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there be who go that way; because narrow is the gate and hard is the way, which leads unto life, and few there be that find it" -Matthew 7:13 & 14"Choosing the path of least resistence is what make rivers and people crooked". <i></i>

28.11.2001, 17:31
Okay thank you Killndi I'm glad you
ougth that up. Here is my question to you do you belive that after so many trasnations that the bible is still the same word for word? <i></i>

29.11.2001, 06:29
The Bible may not be the same word for word after its translations but the same basic message is being conveyed through all translations.All scriptures written in the Bible are influenced by the Spirit of God, and considering that God is Lord over all things, I don't think he would've allowed anything to go into the Bible that wasn't supposed to be there.The Bible was written by many different authors over a span of many years on different continents and those authors have all conveyed the same basic message. This is because God's spirit was over all scripture and influenced all scripture.So in answer to your question: No, the Bible is not necessarily the same word for word after being translated, but the same basic message is there even though it may be worded differently. <i></i>

01.12.2001, 15:39
You know about every holiday for the chrsitans is based off the origan Pagan religon b/c people ruesfed to give up there belifes and holiday for "Christ"? <i></i>

Nukta Kupaya
20.01.2002, 20:12
I have a interesting point here...Some can't accept that God created the world in six days, yet they believe that by the process of millions and billions of years, the earth and everything upon it came to be.But, you see, either way you believe, you're trusting it in faith. There is no material evidence to support either Creation or Evolution, aside from the Bible or Darwin's theories.Nobody witnessed either method, so to us humans, it's unprovable. Evolution is still called a theory, due to the reason that, no matter how hard anyone tries, it cannot be proved.You believe in Evolution by faith, and you believe in Creation by faith. To me, Evolution goes backwards against the nature of the world. This I say in that, over time, matter becomes disorganized and chaos rules dominant. It does not, and cannot, become more organized through the process of time. Fossil records don't support Evolution. Supposedly, the simplest forms would appear on the bottom, gradually working up to full-on mammals and whatnot. Need I say 'Cam
ian Explosion'?If evolution is an ongoing process of 'embetterment', I'm curious as to why that nowhere, in the history of humans, is this phenomena recorded?Having studied Evolution extensively, I've also noticed how, through the years, the supporters have changed the basis of the theory to fit their evidence. At one point, the process was gradual, over time changing little by little. Then, it happened in one generation. It changes to fit what evidence there is, to make it plausible.Wonder how a mouse evolved into a bat? I've been wondering that, too. Seems the species would've starved off long before becoming a bat, if the transformation was gradual. Would be hard to skitter around with wings for forelegs.Do also note the populizer of this theory, Darwin, never believed it to be true, but an idea of how things could have came into being. But by that time, it was on its way of being canon.Funny, I see, that students in schools are taught Evolution, even though it's a faith-based theorem. But mention God, and the vermiscious kinits come out to fight. Why not have... get this... BOTH?Easter, Good Friday, Christmas, aren't pagan holidays. Christmas, in actuality, is to be in the springtime, not in the winter as we've been cele
ating for several hundred years. It's been said that during the Middle Ages, Christmas was changed to winter, due to that they had nothing else to do in that season.-Nukta <i><b>Life in the Savannah Muck! - Where YouCan Play TLK! Host: squeeky.cytag.nl Port: 11000</b></i>Send the Meat- er, Mail... Here ICQ #85191520<i></i>

Nukta Kupaya
20.01.2002, 20:19
Also, the Bible has been translated quite a few times from the original He
ew and Greek formats. There are Bibles that have a better translation of both languages. The King James Version is harder for many to understand, but this is the one I use for it's closer than some easier to understand versions are. But, yes, the same essence of the word has been there in all translation. Now, there are some versions that omit and add words to fit their beliefs (the Mormons, for one). I stick to the KJV.-Nukta <i><b>Life in the Savannah Muck! - Where YouCan Play TLK! Host: squeeky.cytag.nl Port: 11000</b></i>Send the Meat- er, Mail... Here ICQ #85191520<i></i>

20.01.2002, 22:27
I've got the same religion as Kilindi . . . . ^_^ And proud of it <i></i>

21.01.2002, 08:58
dunno... maybe Eddie Meduza..."communism: you 've got two cows, the governmenttakes both and gives you milk" <i></i>

Larani the lioness
21.01.2002, 15:13
YAY! more Christian TLK fans! I never knew there could be so many. Kilindi, you're the best at explaining things! You're like a born preacher! Great job!"SMILE! God luvs ya!" ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*"Never frown, cuz someone just might be in luv with your smile.""To the world. you may be just one person, but to just one person, you may be the world.""The sky only reveals her true colors to those who are willing to climb the mountain."<i></i>

22.01.2002, 00:13
Thanks Larani! I try I wouldn't be able to do it if it wasn't for God. It's mostly him speaking through me! It's great knowing that there are other Christian TLK fans. <I>"Break back the chains, release the squeeze off my veins. Empty box, hollow rocks, I knock you out of your frame. Shallow grave marks the date, Oh Babylon the Great. Evil virus, be like Cyrus, trample down your gates. We're the ones, the chosen sons. Come out of dark into light, rather fight than run. We came to die for the reasons you put us down, don't know when, could have then, what's the time, the time is now."</I> - P.O.D. Lie Down<i></i>

Larani the lioness
15.02.2002, 18:14
It's sooo cool. Have you ever read the Left Behind books? ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*"Never frown, cuz someone just might be in luv with your smile.""To the world. you may be just one person, but to just one person, you may be the world.""The sky only reveals her true colors to those who are willing to climb the mountain."<i></i>

16.02.2002, 07:43
No, but I want to read them! I've only read about half of the first book. What I did read of it was really cool/interesting. <i></i>

Cool Kovu
19.02.2002, 01:26
i have 2 agree with Kilindi on this one, i am a Christian. i agree it's not about religion, but about with your relashionship with my Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST.<b><i>Quote:</i></b> "I will avenge Scar,take his place in the Pridelands" <i></i>

Larani the lioness
19.02.2002, 19:00
*claps* go Kovu!Yeah, I read the first three and am in the middle of the fourth adult one. I have read up to number 18 in "Left Behind:the kids" (they're actually teens, but, lol) They're really good. ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*"Never frown, cuz someone just might be in luv with your smile.""To the world. you may be just one person, but to just one person, you may be the world.""The sky only reveals her true colors to those who are willing to climb the mountain."<i></i>