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15.11.2001, 01:16
do u like someone and how do0 they fell about u?I'm number to ( I spicify the first one)What bout u?u like someone and they like uu like someone and they like someone else (who also likes them/or not..please specify)u have a mateu don't like anyonesomone likes uShow results <i>Edited by: The Sonic God&nbsp; at: 11/25/01 8:28:32 pm</i>

Lucifer kitty cat
15.11.2001, 17:36
I have nobody to luv right now (didn't vote anything... for now) <i>"I can take no more What are we fighting for? You are my
others Each one I would die for Please just let it go All our heads are blown Let's just take the stage And remember why we play for"</i><b>~Korn,WAKE UP, album:ISSUES</b><i></i>

15.11.2001, 23:04
I like a boy named Chistian, but he has a...
at of a gorlfriend...mumbles... Stand Proud..Enchanted..<i></i>

21.11.2001, 05:04
I like someone who I've liked since I was 13, I'm 20 now. He's got a girlfriend of two years. =\ Pooie. Safijaha's Place Safi's Art Safi's Mail<i></i>

The Sonic God
25.11.2001, 19:29
I find this poll rather impossible to answer... <i>Together we stand. In unity, we grow stronger.Teamwork is the best solution. In God, we trust.</i>

26.11.2001, 22:05
I live in a very small place so it's the same old faces I have seen whole my life now, so I don't have any feelings about anyone right now... <i></i>

Larani the lioness
13.04.2002, 19:25
I like a guy(since 5th grade-im in 9th now) and he likes someone else! i like to think i hate his guts but i really like him lol. i like lots of other guys also. i dunno if they lke me. i have never, ever had a B/F in my life! SAD isn't it? My 12 yr old friend has had 7 bfs and i am 14 and I have had ZIP! No bfs. I hope i didnt depress anyone here, sry. ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*"I'm not being lazy, I'm just saving energy."<i></i>