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Cool Kovu
02.04.2002, 17:44
besides TLK 1 & 2? Mine is ice age, my fav. char. in it is Diego.Ice AgePokemon (yech)DinosourTitan A.E.OtherShow results "I will avenge Scar, take his place in the Pridelands" --Kovu<i></i>

02.04.2002, 21:06
Ice Age! Me, Azima Masi and my
o went and saw it! Diego anf Manny where kool but Sid WAS SO Hillarious! The baby had a big head! <i></i>

21.05.2002, 00:38
probably dinosaur. Pokemon sucks!!!!! Titan ae wasnt good at all. and ive never seen ice age. "IT'S ALL OBI-WAN'S FAULT!! HE'S HOLDING ME BACK!!!!"Anikan Skywalker: Hayden <i></i>

21.05.2002, 22:39
Dinosaur for me too. Although, I hate to
eak it to you, but you spelt Dinosaur wrong. Dinosours are something different entirely Cheetahs never prosper ~ Zazu <i></i>

07.06.2002, 16:36
I voted other. My fav animated movie is Spirit <i></i>

16.07.2002, 14:01
Yes Spirit was good...though this poll was made before it came out....LoL but oh well <i></i>

babynala the lioness meow
17.07.2002, 08:05
blah! i haven't seen any of those movies....i feel....feel so sheltered lol......hehe my fav movie besides tlk....hmmm.....like i watch many movies hmm guess it would have to be.....don't laugh too much.....the prince of egypt.....ooooo that movie is cool <i></i>

17.07.2002, 13:46
It is a cool movie!!!!!I have it !LoL you're not alone! <i></i>