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23.12.2001, 06:46
Hey if you've tooken time to read the rp's titled"Do
o"&"A lionesslooks for a prack"who might you think shall win Do
o's heart?AND WHY????It's more upto her but just a lil fun using poll!!!DIEGOTEEKOother(please specify)Show results <i></i>

23.12.2001, 07:29
I agree it should be Do
o's choice.......wellTeeko and you are both very cute sooooohmmmmmmm........that does matter to me!!!!NOT! well I think that Diego is great to her and still theres something bout Teeko that turns Destiny on....... Personnally i like silveren better than all you chumps! just kiddin'~Destiny <i></i>

24.12.2001, 01:42
well, deigo. if you read the post, you'll find my anwser. <i></i>

25.12.2001, 19:53
seen it!!!!thankies ~Diego Image by FlamingText.com<i></i>

The Sonic God
26.12.2001, 09:09
This is kind of a not-nice topic.I've already got Saffy. <i></i>

27.12.2001, 06:15
Saffy?oh sarafina????I LIKE MYSELF TOO MUCH...........WHY AM I IN THIS POST I DUNNO........(NO SMARTMONKEYBUM I DON'T LIKE GRRRRRLZ)<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ME SOOOO SEXY----OUCH THAT BURNS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< <i>Edited by: DESTINYTHECHEETAHESS21&nbsp; at: 12/27/01 6:16:59 am</i>