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Larani the lioness
10.05.2002, 14:18
..does he/she mind that you like TLK so much?If you don't have one, would you date a non-TLK lover?*waits for comments*My bf/gf loves TLKMy bf/gf hates TLKMy bf/gf doesn't mind TLKI would never date a TLK hater or disliker.I might or would date a TLK hater.Show results ~**~Larani the lioness*~~*PLEASE VOTE FOR ME at fanart.lionking.org for me to be the ARTIST OF THE MONTH!!!! "I'm not being lazy, I'm just saving energy." <i></i>

22.06.2002, 12:20
Nope...he dunna care *pokes around* Wooow....been like....5 months since I posted here O.O <i></i>

24.06.2002, 03:56
well it's been a while since i had one.....but alot of peeps poke fun at most 'disney lovers' because they have nothing better to do....i'm not really open about my love for tlk mainly because of the insults and such schoolmates get.such stupid people...and if i wasn't single now...well...i guess i would have someone that doesn't judge me for what i like etc.~Diego Tauras <i></i>

03.07.2002, 13:32
Just had to reply to this one .I don't have a boy friend, but I am very close to my best friend who is a guy. I have always said that Lion King is the greatest movie, but I've kinda kept takling about Disney stuff to a minimum for the same reasons as Diego. Anyways, one time my friend came over and we were listening to all his hard rock music on my computer, then he said "Wait, I saw a better song on here..." Then he put on "Kiss the Girl" from Little Mermaid, and after "Hakuna Matata". He loved Disney stuff...we even watched Lion King and Tarzan together a few times. So just remember, you might be surprised at what your friends actually like and what you have in common with them, so don't be afraid to tell them, hehehe...or you'll never watch a guy sing "Kiss the Girl"... <i></i>