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14.08.2001, 23:29
What's better?WATERMELONgrapefruitcoconutbananaorangeShow results <i></i>

14.08.2001, 23:44
Erm...... does this remind me of anything? I only like banana's coz they give u energy fast, but me likes watermelons too. ---------------------------------I love TLK you should too!---------------------------------<i></i>

15.08.2001, 02:36
I like oranges, they taste great, and I do drink a lot of orange juice. And With Four Votes - Kiara, you are the weakest link, Goodbye!<i></i>

15.08.2001, 03:00
Hehe, Mahti has a water melon fetish. I hope she doesn't get annoyed you didn't vote for it Nah why would she it's your opinion ---------------------------------I love TLK you should too!---------------------------------<i></i>

15.08.2001, 03:19
errrr... you forgot grapes. i from my personal opion. i dont have any idea why somebody would like grapefruit. i tried it at my grandmas house on fourth of july, and i nearly choked. bleehhhh! but i chose oranges <i></i>

Nukta Kupaya
15.08.2001, 16:34
Pineapple.-Nukta <i></i>

15.08.2001, 17:27
*high fives Nukta*Pineapple kicks butt! Always, Anni<i></i>