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16.08.2002, 20:51
What do you think should be the dominant species?Humans. We have been the dominant ones for a long time and we still should be.Cats. They're smarter, and more organized than us.Wolves. They are more graceful, and better at hunting.Dragons. Anything that
eathes fire should be dominant.Other. Show results <i></i>

22.08.2002, 03:48
Finally! SOMEONE voted! ^.^ <i></i>

26.08.2002, 15:19
Absolutely cats !!!!!!!! <i></i>

31.08.2002, 04:19
Kitty cats! <i></i>

The Sonic God
06.09.2002, 18:46
Cats, but more specifically, lions.Why?Lions actually know the meaning of teamwork.Lions don't run into each other, unlike a driving human.Lions are smart, they're stealthy, sophisticated, and beautiful. <i></i>

Harley Quinn hyenaholic
04.10.2002, 10:42
I think that hyenas should be the dominant species. Their jaws can snap a wildebeest's thighbone, and they can run at speeds that challenge a cheetah. <i></i>

Humanoid Hyena
28.10.2002, 20:43
::cheers:: whoop! whoop! whoop! Right on, Harley Quinn!!! <i></i>