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11.09.2001, 02:46
Hey! I think I've come up with a solution to our whole...species....thing. From an Artistic point of view, it would be lots of fun for me, and a new opportunity for you I guess. Here it is:Say that Dalla and you get cursed/blessed somehow so that they both have a lion and a leopard form. I could design a leopard form for you, and you can design one for Dalla! Then we can work out the details in roleplay. See, I was up really late last night doodleing in my sketchbook and I somehow came up with a dusty-looking male leopard (with pretty blue eyes ) and this idea hit me....So I can do a bunch of pics of our new forms and all that....I'm already working on several pics from our current roleplay. Let me know what you think. I know that you are as attached to your lion design as I am to my leopard. And I'm slightly bothered by inter-species matches and I wouldn't want to be a hypocrite....If you don't like the idea, I'm alright the way it is. <i></i>

11.09.2001, 03:32
Hiyas dalla!! *hugs*We really have an aweomse thread going there, thats for sure. I'm quite attached to sulcy in his lion form...it just seems to fit him. Plus that profile pic of him is just.........awesome!! As far as inter-species relationships are concerned, they have never bothered me in the least. In fact, anni and I were talking about this not to long ago, and it really quite common in RPs, and has happened in the real world before too. In fact, I thought it might be kinda cool and unique. I guess it just depends on how far their relationship goes, huh? I mean, do you want them to become mates in the future?Now if the whole inter-species thing really bothers you, and you dont like us lions( ), I totally respect that. I would really love to keep sulcy in his Lion form (cuz he's just so darn cool that way ), but if you dont like that idea, I can try and adapt to being a leopard I guess. I don't want you to feel uncomfortable.P.S. do you have a scanner, by any chance? I'd love to see some of these doodles of yours! <i></i>

11.09.2001, 21:19
Wow, How about this attack on New York and Washington? I used to live in Washington DC....Scary stuff. I'm having a hard time absorbing the importance of it...it all seems more like a movie than real life. Actually, I think the match is nice, I really like you! My wishing that we were of the same species is more my sneaking desire to design a male leopard mate for Dalla. When I designed her, I always pictured her with a male at her side....but that seems to have proven hard to find. I'm basically just using stupid excuses to satisfy myself. I'm not really bothered by us, I'm more bothered by....say....a hyena and a lion. Now THAT gets a little strange to me.I made one sketch that I think you'll really like though....I'll upload it and post it here. Find me on AIM-my sn is Damalia157 <i>Edited by: Dalla157 at: 9/11/01 9:38:58 pm</i>