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01.10.2001, 08:26
This is probably up the wall, but anyway...You all know about communism, right?And that in the communist philosophy, the State ownseverything.And the State is the People.And the People are the ones living there.So, in a country where communism rules, stealing would be impossible. How can I steal something that's already mine?Awaiting answers.... "He knew it would not last long in the fierce torrent of radiation overhead; but how many men could claim to have created a comet of their own?"<i></i>

01.10.2001, 10:10
Why are you asking this? <i>What, never heard of "Tom of Finland"?</i><i></i>

01.10.2001, 10:48
Coz he's <i> weird</i> ---------------------------------I love TLK you should too!---------------------------------<i></i>

01.10.2001, 15:40
Oh yeah, I forgot...but he's still far away from achieving the title of FREAK! <i>What, never heard of "Tom of Finland"?</i><i></i>

02.10.2001, 00:22
No, its very possible to steal something in Communism, because nothing actually belongs to you.And you would be punished far more severly then you would in a democratic society. <i></i>

Nukta Kupaya
02.10.2001, 01:23
"Communism doesn't work, because people like to own things."In Communist nations, the government (State) owns just about everything. Land, houses, businesses, etc. They tell you where you can live, where you can work, how many children you can have, etc. Communism thrives in poverty, promising equality and advantages. Sure, everyone's equal, but they're not free. Communism just doesn't work... Jamestown almost went under due to the communal store system (of gathering up all the crops and taking what you need from it). John Smith changed that by giving each family land, and telling them to grow their own crops.It's different when you own the land, and get to reap what you sow. Thusly you can put more effort into what you work at, and achieve greater bounty. -Nukta <i></i>

The Sonic God
02.10.2001, 03:56
Thinking is a new concept for you, isn't it norqy?Wouldn't you rather have a posession that noone else can touch? <i></i>

03.10.2001, 07:11
Hmmm.... maybe I have to be a little more clear about this.Hypotyhetical: I'm living in a communist state.I'm standing at a car park, there are lots of cars around me.The State owns everything, every single car.the People are the State. I am the People (or a part of it).therefore, I own the all the cars.I cannot steal any them, since they're all mine.Same thing with public property.Here's an object. This object is public property, ownby the Public. I am the Public (at least a part of it)and therefore, I own this object.Or maybe i have to make it even simpler:Cats
eathe air. Tony Blair
eathes air.Therefore, Tony Blair is a cat. And well, thinking may be a new experience to me. But it matter doesn't how long you've been thinking.What matters is what you think. "He knew it would not last long in the fierce torrent of radiation overhead; but how many men could claim to have created a comet of their own?"<i></i>

03.10.2001, 13:28
Bah!Join the Socialdemocrat party, get new friends! <b>Sex slave needs a job - will work for food</b><i></i>

05.10.2001, 09:07
Join... hmmm... not a bad idea...Two of my friends are members of the SS,maybe I should join them... Mpilipili alisema hili amepoua mume wa pili:"Mara tanu hajaweza na sipendi kuteleza,mara moja naumba wawili!"<i></i>