Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : Did ya know stick men could fight?

07.10.2001, 21:50
I din't till I saw this:


Seriously, this ain't nothing bad like the other link I posted!

08.10.2001, 01:34
that's hilarious!!! "Cessna niner-five-one-four-Quebec, now three miles from MAVIS, turn left heading one-two-zero, maintain two thousand until established, cleared for the ILS runway niner approach."- official Air Traffic Control babble<i></i>

King Kana
08.10.2001, 15:14
Wow - that's it!!! D"> <i></i>

King Kana
08.10.2001, 15:16
...well, can we do that to Bin Laden?~YEAH~ <i></i>

08.10.2001, 15:44
I know a cool small film (like the stick man one) that has the US kicking Bin Laden in (Searcher's seen it, he knows )I'm not sure I should post it tho! Mainly coz it's an international forum and all If ya wanna see it I think I would rather give the link by e-mail! ( feckless@talk21.com)Better safe than having TSG bitch at me <b><i> I wanna eat your ass </i></b><i></i>

Azima Masi
08.10.2001, 17:43
HAHAHA!! That was great!!! <i></i>

08.10.2001, 20:03
www.devil-clan.com/flashLet's make this simplier (for me )I'll just give you the link for the page that has all the flash films on (I recommend the StarWarz one aswell as the Bin Laden one! Entertainment value to the max ) <b><i> I wanna eat your ass </i></b><i></i>