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The Sonic God
08.01.2002, 03:21
They should pay me for using their crap...thank god the
owsers are free, eh?Check this out, investigating both of my
owsers to this board. The images are links, and the images are big, exceeding 1000 pixels long. These are screen snapshots of what I see when I visit this board.Netscape Communicator: home.earthlink.net/~justi...tscape.jpgThis
owser takes 3 times longer to load a webpage than Internet Explorer does. However, after 3 minutes of waiting, all of the images are aligned perfectly. (Mind you, I do have ADSL, so Netscape isn't my primary
owser because of it.)Microsoft Internet Explorer: home.earthlink.net/~justi...plorer.jpgThe page loads in under a minute, but the images at the top are horribly misaligned. This is my primary
owser because it's faster.Changes to make this page appear identical on both
owsers and on all platforms I think would be anywhere from extremely difficult to impossible. Does this happen to you? <i></i>

08.01.2002, 04:35
It loads right for me in IE 6 for Windows Me. But I hate Windows ME and Internet Explorer, but Netscape is too slow and Opera doesn't have enough support. I am jealous of your Mac, IE looks a lot cooler on that platform, I should have paid the extra bucks and gotten the iBook rather than this IBM desktop...next time.- NA <i></i>

The Sonic God
08.01.2002, 05:08
IE and Netscape (AOL) are pathetically slow with getting fixes made for each
owser, little bit after little bit. Speed improvements my paw...IE 6.0 is out for Windows, that I know, but IE has been out longer for Windows than Macintosh. They have IE 5.01 for Mac, and IE 5.1 for Mac OS X.*sigh* it will be a bit of a wait. I'm going to check Mactopia to see if they've got anything done yet...I hate waiting.I want to upgrade to Mac OS X, but my primary computer doesn't support it, requires alot, 300MHz G3, I only have a 233MHz G3, my laptop has OS X, but cannot network under the conditions that I do not have appropriate drivers for the networking tools. Mac OS X can use ADSL modems without drivers, however, the 2WirePC Port requires drivers, and Mac OS X can't use a Mac OS 9 driver...I don't think...I could try. (Mac OS X is built more like Unix.) <i></i>

Whippet Angel
08.01.2002, 05:37
Yeah, the top images are misaligned for me as well (using either IE or the crapola AOL
owser).Hey, are the images on top supposed to link? Because they don't for me . <i></i>

The Sonic God
09.01.2002, 01:23
They link for me...odd.Copy and paste them.BTW, I've upgraded to IE 5.1, and sure enough...same problems. IE and Netscape handle HTML differently, and so, display differently. Netscape has this unique problem of always trying to update contents that don't need to be updated, even if I turn on "load from cache." Weird.Minor glitch, but I'll deal with it. <i></i>