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Aloysius Jager
20.01.2002, 03:52
Do any of you chaps know of a good HTML sidebar I can add to a website? One that eh, I'll try to explain this, but covers the whole side of the page its on? Thanks. <i></i>

20.01.2002, 04:54
yes you can go to www.dynamicdrive.com for great premade menus. Of course if I were you and I know how to make my own, I would, in dhtml of course. <i>MysticAlpha</i> Index Page<i></i>

Aloysius Jager
20.01.2002, 05:04
Thanks, I'll look through the site. Heh, I know to customize it and all, I just feel to lazy right now. Looking for a quick way to do it. <i></i>